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Amesbury is the only co-educational preparatory school in the Hindhead/Haslemere area educating pupils aged between 2+ and 13+.

We want siblings to study together in one school and to feel equally valued. So there are no competitive entrance tests for Amesbury.

Our raison d’etre is to prepare pupils to leave Amesbury at 11+ or 13+ for a broad range of senior schools. Our role is to find the right senior school for a child.

“Parents in search of an education which will deliver confident children who see their futures in terms of unlimited options rather than curtailed ambitions....would be well advised to pay a visit.” (Good Schools' Guide 2013)

Amesbury is  the only co-educational Prep school in the Hindhead/Haslemere area.  Founded in 1870 we pride ourselves on sending children to the best senior schools in the country at both 11+ and 13+.   Amesbury’s academic record is excellent with an average of 20% of pupils receiving senior school scholarships.  “Many a school may claim to be ‘academically rigorous’. Not all would also make such a virtue out of also being ‘relaxed,’ ....This one does.” (GSG 2013)

We are a family school, keen for siblings to study together and to feel equally valued irrespective of their aptitudes and abilities.  Entry is based on registration plus a visit - not a formal assessment but the opportunity for child and school to get acquainted. 

Amesbury understands its role as part of your family life.  We believe weekends should be your time; there is no Saturday school.  Prep can be done at school and our Pre-Nursery and Nursery operate 47 weeks of the year with early morning drop off and evening pickups.  Breakfast Club and After School Care are on offer.

In addition to a great academic record, Amesbury has a thriving Performing Arts Department putting on over 10 productions across the age groups each year.  “Music embraces everything from formal chapel choir to semi-secret bands formed each year, strutting stuff at annual concert. There’s plentiful dance and drama including ambitious takes on Shakespeare” (GSG 2013).   As for sport, the site is 34 acres, with an all weather astro, indoor sports hall and an all-school tennis programme.  Our Extra Curricular programme runs a whole host of activities including Mandarin Chinese, Judo, Golf, Chess, Music Technology, Drama and many more.

Open Morning for the Trinity Term is Thursday 11 May 2017.   In the Lent Term Early Years Stay & Play is Thursday 23 February 2017. Please contact Liz Wright on l.wright@amesburyschool.co.uk or 01428 604322

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N G Taylor (appointed 1994)

Chair Of Governors

T Henderson


Y Drew


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Church of England  

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Total Pupils

325 (limited by Borough Council)  

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  • Full Time: 53
  • Part Time: 51
  • Visiting:     17