Mr Nigel Taylor
Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Headmaster)
Mr Martin Gibb
(Deputy Head – Strategic Planning)
 Mrs Jackie Bowers
(Deputy Head - Curriculum)




Mrs Susannah Barrie
(Head of Visual Art)
 Mrs Kerry Tristram


Mrs Pippa Probert 
(Head of English) 

Mrs Joanna Kean 

Mrs Jessica Little
 Mrs Julia Bayne
Mrs Tanya Rathmell 
(Year 3 Teacher) 
 Ms Alice McCarthy
(Year 3 Teacher)


Ms Magali Nicol
(Head of Languages) 
Mrs Caroline Munday
Mrs Nicola Martin
(Early Years French)


Mr Martin Gibb
(Deputy Head – Strategic Planning) 
Mr Alex Alesbrook
(Head of Physical Education and Games, Geography) 
Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Headmaster) 
Mr Grant Rouse (Boys Games, Head of Boarding) 


Mr John Hamilton (Head of History)
Mr M Tribe
(Year 4 Teacher) 


Mr Tony Sharps
(Head of ICT Services) 
Mrs Patricia Risley (Head of IT Academic)
Mrs Gillian Heel


Mrs Helen Ronan

Learning Support 

Mrs Tanya Rathmell
(Head of Learning Support)
Mrs Polly Hanbury
Miss Gemma Giles 
Ms Sally Marshall
Ms Penny Tapp
Mr James Beatty


Mrs Sandy Gibb
(Head of Maths) 
Mrs Jackie Bowers
(Deputy Head - Curriculum) 
Mrs Susan Rowlett
(Head of Reasoning)
Mrs Paula Potter
(Maths and Science)
Mrs Tanya Rathmell
(Year 3 Teacher) 
Ms Alice McCarthy
(Year 3 Teacher)
 Mr Cosmo O'Reilly
(Head of Year 5)
 Mr James Balcombe

Performing Arts 

Mr Mark Reynolds
Mrs Anya Phillips
(Head of Drama, Teacher, Speech & Drama) 
Miss Erin Norris
(Head of Dance) 
Mr Justin Luke
(Head of Music)
 Ms Charlotte Carnes
(Admin Assistant)


 Mrs Caroline Munday
(Head of PSHEE, French)
Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Headmaster) 
Mr Nigel Taylor
Mrs Tanya Rathmell
(Year 3 Teacher) 
Mrs Susan Rowlett
(Head of Reasoning, Maths, Year 4 Teacher) 

Physical Education 

 Mr Alex Alesbrook
(Head of PE and Games, Geography) 
Mrs Louise Williams
(Head of Girls Games)
Mrs Lauren Dover
(Girls Games) 
Mrs Sara Page 
(Girls Games) 
Mr Grant Rouse (Boys Games, Head of Boarding) 
Mr Graham Holmes (LTA Performance Coach, PTR Academy Pro Head of Tennis) 

Religious Education 

Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Headmaster, Head of RS) 
Mr John Hamilton (Head of History)


Mr Jonathan Lawrence
(Head of Science) 
Mrs Paula Potter
(Science, Maths) 

Ms Alice Toynton

Mrs Tanya Rathmell
(Year 3 Teacher) 
Mrs Philippa Lloyd-Perks
(Lab Technician) 



Early Years 

 Mrs Jackie Collyer
(Head of EYFS)


Mrs Petra Pool
(Pre-Nursery Manager) 
 Mrs Amber Hayward
(Nursery Assistant)


Mrs Elaine Starling 
(Nursery Teacher) 
Mrs Mandhi Freeland
(Nursery Assistant) 
Mrs Bridget Wilkie
(Nursery Assistant)
Miss Beatrice Rainy
(Nursery Assistant)


Mrs Valerie Gadd 
(Reception Teacher) 
Miss Kate Lloyd-Davies
(Reception Teacher) 
Mrs Fiona Hawkins
(Reception Teaching Assistant) 

Year 1 

Mr Matt Livingston
(Year 1 Teacher)
Mrs Samantha Hopwood
(Year 1 Teacher) 
Tessa Mackenzie
(Year 1 Teaching Assistant) 

Year 2 

Mrs Diana Anscombe
(Year 2 Teacher) 
Miss Emma Bale
(Year 2 Teacher) 
Mrs Millie Kohler
(Year 2 Teaching Assistant) 

Year 3 

Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Head, Head of RS, Head of Years 3 & 4)
Mrs Tanya Rathmell
(Year 3 Teacher) 
Miss Alice McCarthy
(Year 3 Teacher)

Year 4 

Mr Peter Donaldson
(Deputy Head, Head of RS, Head of Years 3 & 4)
Mr Max Tribe
(Year 4 Teacher) 
Mrs Susan Rowlett
(Head of Reasoning, Maths, Year 4 Teacher) 

Year 5 

Mr Alex Alesbrook (Head of PE and Games, Geography, Year 5 Tutor)
Mrs Sarah Page
(Girls Games, Year 5 Tutor)
Mrs Jessica Little
(English, Year 5 Tutor)

Year 6 

Mrs Carrie Munday
(Head of PSHE, Head of Year 6)
Mr Jonathan Lawrence (Head of Science, Year 6 Tutor)
Mrs Paula Potter
(Science, Year 6 Tutor)

Year 7 & 8 

Mr John Hamilton (Head of History, Head of Year 7 & 8 Boys, Upper School Tutor) 
Mrs Sandy Gibb
(Head of Maths, Upper School Tutor) 
Mr Martin Gibb
(Deputy Head - Strategic Planning, Head of Geography, Upper School Tutor)
 Ms Magali Nicol
(Head of Languages, Upper School Tutor)
 Mrs Susannah Barrie
(Head of Visual Art, Head of Year 7 & 8 Girls)

General Information


Mrs Liz Wright
(PA to Headmaster)

School Office 

School Office 
Mrs Karen Powis
(Receptionist – Monday) 
Mrs Mary Marriott (Receptionist – Tuesday to Friday) 
Mrs Fiona White


Mrs Liz Wright
(Admissions Secretary) 
Ms Kim Greenwood
(Admin Support) 

Finance Office 

Ms Yvonne Drew
Mrs Kim Ainslie (Facilities Manager)
Mrs Lorna Gemson 
Mrs Caroline Clarke
Finance Admin


Mrs Alison Barrett
(Head of Catering) 

Medical Centre 

Mrs Julie Watts
 Mrs Kathy Redman
(Matron, Monday & Tuesday)


Mrs Liza Wilkinson 


Mr Alex Alesbrook, (Head of PE and Games, Geography) started at Amesbury in 2012. Having graduated from St Mary’s University, Twickenham with a BSc, he lived and worked in New Zealand as a Physical Education teacher for three years. His sporting background includes representing England at Under 16, Under 18, Under 21 and England Students as well as being a professional rugby player at Harlequins. He is currently involved in coaching rugby at Middlesex County Under 17s and Under 18s.

Mrs Diana Anscombe (Year 2 Form Teacher) joined Amesbury in 1997, prior to which she taught at Camelsdale School. She gained her Certificate of Education from Froebel College in 1978. Diana is married with one son, Noah, and has lived in Liphook for the last 30 years. She is especially interested in the St Ives group of painters and the work of the late Emily Carr, who was probably British Columbia’s foremost modern artist. She enjoys visiting museums and art galleries, reading, the theatre and loves to travel, when the opportunity presents itself! She is also an active member of her local church and helps to arrange the themes and lead the weekly Chapel services for the Pre Prep.

Mr James Balcombe (Maths, Geography, PE&Games) was educated at St. John’s School, Leatherhead before completing a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Popular Music at the Academy of Contemporary Music. He then spent eight years as a Police Officer in Hampshire Constabulary before retraining as a teacher. He trained at Amesbury and was awarded QTS with a grading of ‘Outstanding’ in 2016. When not teaching or ‘preserving the Queen’s peace’ as a Special Constable, he can be found open water swimming or cycling around the rural lanes of Hampshire. 

Miss Emma Bale (Year 2 Teacher) was educated at Dean Close School in Cheltenham, awarded a BA Hons (1st) from the University of Bristol and completed her Graduate Teacher Programme (Distinction) with the University of Brighton.  She has previous teaching experience at Handcross School.

Mrs Julia Bayne (English) was awarded a BA (Hons) in Psychology/Subsidiary: English from the University of Newcastle.  She gained her PGCE in English from Roehampton, University of Surrey.  She has extensive teaching experience as an English specialist teacher in a variety of local state schools. 

Mr James Beatty (Maths Learning Support)

Mrs Jackie Bowers (Deputy Head - Curriculum,) was awarded a B.A. (Hons) with Qualified Teacher Status in Maths and History from Warwick University in 1986. Prior to joining Amesbury she taught at Haslemere Heights and Mayfield School. She was appointed in September 1999. She is a Queen's Guide, a member of the Petersfield Lions and was part of Warwick University's Ballroom Dancing team and still dances regularly.

Mrs Jackie Collyer, (Head of EYFS).  Mrs Collyer is extremely well qualified with a Foundation Degree in Early Years (2005) awarded by the University of Portsmouth and a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years Practice (2011) from The University of Winchester. She is a DSE EYFS Assessor for Hampshire and has undertaken a huge amount of professional development (particularly in the area of safeguarding). She has extensive experience working in EYFS settings having been a nursery owner and a manager of the Chichester Nursery School. She is married and has young adult children.

Mr Peter Donaldson (Deputy Headmaster, Head of Religious Studies) gained a BSc (Joint Hons) Degree in Geography and Physical Education from St Andrew's University and a PGCE from Homerton College, University of Cambridge. He has spent his entire teaching career in the preparatory sector. He was appointed Deputy Headmaster in 2006 but his association with the school goes back to 1998 when his first son joined the school. Since then his three other children have all been at Amesbury and loved it, in spite of their dad being Deputy Head! Peter has responsibility for the weekly chapel services and he also thoroughly enjoys coaching the boys on the games field.

Mrs Lauren Dover (Girls Games) completed her BA (Hons) degree in Physical Education with qualified teacher status from the University of Brighton in 2000. She taught at Hove Park School for two years, before working in both Switzerland and New Zealand. She was appointed in September 2005.

Ms Mandhie Freeland (Nursery Assistant)

Ms Lucy French (Year 3 & 4 Reading Assistant)

Mrs Valerie Gadd (Reception Teacher)  has a BSc in Geography from Loughborough University. Valerie completed her PGCE with QTS (Early Years) from the University College of Ripon and York St.John. She is now in her third year of teaching at Amesbury, after a career which has spanned the last 20 years teaching in a variety of settings throughout the age range of the Pre-Prep department.

Mr Martin Gibb (Deputy Head - Strategic Planning, Head of Geography) joined Amesbury in 2002, having previously taught in the state sector.  He has a BEd from Oxford. He has a strong interest in technology and collaborative learning, and has currently completed a MSc in E-Learning from Edinburgh University. He has led many fieldwork expeditions, including the annual trip to Geography Year 8 Residential.

Mrs Sandy Gibb (Head of Maths) joined Amesbury in 2008. As an Oxford Graduate (BEd) she began her teaching in the state system, before teaching at St. Ives, Haslemere, for several years. She has an interest in using a variety of different technologies within her teaching, using a variety of styles suitable for the learner. She is a mother of three, a keen runner (having completed the London Marathon) and also enjoys reading when time allows.

Mrs Gemma Giles (Learning Support)  has a degree in Visual Arts as well as qualifications in emotional literacy support and counselling skills.  She has been working with children and young people for 14 years in schools, nurseries and youth settings in Surrey and Hampshire, as well as working alongside educational pyschologists to support children with learning needs.  She has completed the teaching assistants' course at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre to support students with specific learning difficulties and since then she has regularly attended lectures and training events to continue her professional development.

Mr John Hamilton (Third Master, Head of History) was awarded his Masters in History from Edinburgh University. Prior to his appointment at Amesbury in 1983, he taught at Mostyn House School.

Mrs Polly Hanbury (Learning Support) has studied at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre on the Laser Learning Awards Level 3 course for Teaching Assistants supporting learners with specific learning difficulties.

Mrs Fiona Hawkins (Reception Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Amber Hayward (Early Years Assistant)

Mrs Angie Hemmings (Head of After School Care)

Mrs Samantha Hopwood (Year 1 Teacher) has extensive teaching experience most recently as Class Teacher/SENCO at Grayshott CE Primary School.  She has a BA (Hons) 2:1 in English and Linguistics with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Mrs Joanna Kean (English) was educated at Lady Eleanor Holles.  She was awarded an MA in English and French at the University of St Andrews.  She gained her PGCE in English at Roehampton, University of Surrey.  Her teaching experience was at Henrietta Barnett, Emanuel School and Fettes College before joining Seaford College where she was Head of English.

Mrs Millie Kohler (Year 2 Teaching Assistant)

Mr Jonathan Lawrence (Head of Science) was appointed head of department in January 2006. He has a BSc (Hons) in Geology from Southampton University, a P.G.C.E. from Bath Spa University, an M.Sc. from University College London and an MBA in Educational Leadership from Keele University. He started his teaching career at Northwood Preparatory School where he taught for five years before moving to Colet Court, (St Paul's Preparatory School) where he taught for three years. He is a keen natural historian, sailor and game fisherman spending much of his leisure time either bobbing about off the South Coast or up to his waist in Welsh rivers!

Mrs Jessica Little (English) was educated at St. Catherine's, Bramley.  On leaving school she spent time abroad and then started a family.  She was later awarded a BA (Hons) from the Open University in English and completed her PGCE at Chichester University PGCE (in English).  She has taught at a variety of state and independent schools.

Mr Matt Livingston (Year 1 Teacher) has a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Exercise Science from the University of Worcester. Matt completed his PGCE with QTS (Early Years) from the University of Winchester.  He joins us from Liss Infant School where he was a Year 1 Class Teacher.

Mrs Kate Lloyd-Davies (Reception Teacher)

Mr Justin Luke (Head of Music).  Justin Luke is Head of Music at Amesbury and works closely with the Head of Performing Arts on all things musical at the school. He was educated at Wells Cathedral School and The Royal College of Music, and headed the Music Departments at two schools prior to his appointment at Amesbury. 

Away from Amesbury Justin is Sub-Organist of the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy and enjoys his work with Haslemere Players and Imagine That Productions.  

Mrs Nicola Martin (Teacher of French) was awarded a BA Joint Honours in French, Economics & Politics from Kingston University with a year at The Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble, France. She gained her PGCE from Chichester University in 2012. She has a wide range of teaching experience at primary level both in the UK and overseas and began working in the Pre-prep/EYFS department in 2015. When she is not walking her two dogs she might be seen in her pottery barn sculpting a pot or two! 

Mrs Clare Lindley (Learning Support Assistant)

Mr Cosmo O'Reilly (Head of Year 5) was educated at The Leys School, Cambridge.  Was awarded a BA (Hons) in Architecture from Northumbria University, Newcastle.  Went on to gain a PGCE in Design Technology at Homerton College, University of Cambridge.  He started his teaching career teaching in prisons across the North East, then Bede Academy, before Hebron School, India where he was Assistant Housemaster. He is a keen sportsman, sailor and designer. Spending lots of time playing, watching or walking his dog Omnom.

Mrs Pippa Lloyd-Perks (Lab Technician) has a degree in Psychology from University of Liverpool. Pippa had a career in the IT and telecoms industry before taking a career break with 3 children. Since 2006 she has worked in the education sector for RM Education, the leading supplier of ICT resources. She came to Amesbury in 2010. Outside school Pippa is a Governor at St John’s C of E School in Churt, is a keen theatre goer, a member of 2 book clubs, and a bit of a foodie – but mainly she provides a taxi service for her children!

Ms Sally Marshall (Learning Support) has a BSc (Honours) and qualified as a Specialist Teacher in SpLD, from the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre in 2011.  She has been supporting learners in Mathematics for 18 years and has a particular interest in both dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Mrs Tessa Mackenzie (Year 1 Teaching Assistant) joined Amesbury as a parent in 1995. This led to becoming involved in the After School Care club’s creation and helping to run it. In 1999 she started as an Assistant in Nursery and has progressed to Year 1 Teaching Assistant.

Miss Alice McCarthy (Year 3 Teacher).  Alice has a BA (Joint Hons) in English Literature and Education.  She gained her PGCE from the University of Bath.

Mrs Laura McCreadie (Year 3 & 4 Reading Assistant)

Mrs Caroline Munday (Head of PSHE, Languages) joined us in September 2013. She was awarded a BA (Hons) from UWE Bristol in French and European Studies (with German), a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages from Surrey University, and spent two years on the JET programme in Japan.  She taught (French and German) at the Latymer School between 2002-2008 before moving to Dubai.  She is married and in her free time loves to travel with her husband and three children to venture into the unknown.  When time allows, she enjoys sewing, spending time on her allotment and hopes to one day keep chickens, ducks and bees!

Ms Magali Nicol (Head of Languages) joined us in September 2013. She was awarded a BSc Hons in English (Italian) in 1998 and CAPES (PGCE equivalent) from the Universite Rennes 2 in 2000. She joined us from the Petersfield School where her role included teaching up to and including GCSE. Her role also included outreach work in primary schools.  She has two sons and lives with her partner and his daughter. 

Miss Erin Norris (Head of Dance) joined us in September 2012 following a busy summer rehearsing for the closing ceremony of the London Olympics 2012. She has performed in the West End and trained at Italia Conti. Her expertise is in ballet, modern, funk and tap and she is currently training in street, salsa and hip-hop.

Mrs Sarah Page (Girls' Games) Mrs Sarah Page (Games) was educated at Churchers College. She studied at University College Chichester and then started her teaching career in a mixed comphensive school in Southampton. From here she worked in an International School called Greensteds in Kenya where she was Head of Girls Games.  Sarah relocated back to Bath and taught at Prior Park College, before she moved to West Sussex. In 2008 she moved to be Head of Girls Games at St Hilary's in Godalming. 

Mrs Anya Phillips (Head of Drama, Speech & Drama) trained at the Royal Ballet School and LTS prior to a career in theatre, television and film. She was awarded the ATCL (Dist) teaching Speech & Drama from Trinity College, London and taught at Laine Theatre Arts, Epsom before joining Amesbury in 2006.

Mrs Petra Pool (Head of Pre-Nursery) was awarded The Royal Ballet School Teachers Training Diploma, ARAD and has an NVQ Level 3 through her work with children. She has since become an NVQ Assessor in child care. Prior to the opening of the Pre-Nursery, Petra ran the Royal School Nursery and taught dance peripatetically at many schools in Surrey and Hampshire.

Mrs Paula Potter (Science) was educated at Portsmouth High School and was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Law (Exeter University).  She was a trainee accountant with Ernst & Young, but saw sense and joined the noblest professional of all having studied for a PGCE (Science) at Surrey University.  She has taught from prep school age to 'A' level, most recently at Bohunt School, Liphook. 

Miss Beatrice Rainey (Early Years Assistant)

Mr Nicholas Randall (SCITT Teacher)

Mrs Tanya Rathmell (Year 3 Teacher) joined Amesbury in 1999, after teaching in the state sectors in Brisbane (Queensland) and Manchester. She has also taught at Bridgewater School in Manchester in the prep department. She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus) with a B.Ed (Hons) in 1996. Tanya has a strong interest in mentoring newly qualified teachers and she enjoys leading school trips. Her interests include scrapbooking, politics, supporting the Brisbane Lions and the Geelong Cats in the Australian Rules Football. She is also a member of the Bourne Players Amateur Dramatics group.

Mrs Patricia Risley (Head of IT (Academic).  Mrs Patricia Risley joins us from The American Community School (ASC), Cobham as Head of IT (Academic). Mrs Risley lives locally and has three adult children. She graduated from Exeter University with a BSc (Combined Hons 2:1) in Computer Science and Operational Research and was awarded her Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from Chichester University.

She started her career with Price Waterhouse, spent time bring up three children, and then went back into teaching at More House School, Frensham Heights and The Abbey School in each as Head of ICT, before going on to work for Babcock 4S as a curriculum computing/ICT consultant for schools.

Mr Mark Reynolds (Head of Performing Arts - ECAs and Events) was appointed in September 2011. He joined the staff at Amesbury in 1997 whilst working as a music teacher at St John's, Leatherhead and Seaford College. At Amesbury, he runs the Junior, Senior and Chapel Choirs and Big Band. Outside of Amesbury, Mark is a member of the Fabulous Fug Band who play throughout the UK and have supported Jools Holland, Katie Melua and Art Garfunkel. He is also an avid supporter of Leicester Tigers.

Mrs Helen Ronan (Latin) has a BA (Hons) History (2:1), an MA Ancient and Medieval Warfare from Cardiff University and completed her PGCE in Secondary History at the University of Wales Trinity St David. 

Mr Grant Rouse (Boys Games and Head of  Boarding) is from Zimbabwe.  He has a BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Sciences from Gloucester University and a Graduate Teacher Programme from Southampton University.  He is a passionate Hockey player (currently a regular in the Basingstoke Men's 1st XI) and an accomplished cricketer.  He is a Level 2 Hockey and Cricket coach. 

Mrs. Susan Rowlett (Head of Reasoning, Mathematics, Year 4 Teacher) was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics with Computer Science from Royal Holloway College, University of London and has Graduate Teacher Status. After a career in industry she taught in the state sector prior to joining Amesbury in September 2008. In addition to her roles as a Tutor and Maths teacher, Mrs Rowlett heads up the school’s NQT provision, she has an interest in discalculia and specialises in preparing pupils for senior school Maths scholarships. Out of school she enjoys walking, particularly in the Lake District, and orienteering.

Mr Tony Sharps (Head of ICT) joined Amesbury in January 2013. He has 10 years’ experience in IT support and management in the education sector. He was previously the network manager at Alton College. Tony is a Microsoft and Apple certified engineer with a range of other industry qualifications. He has a young family and enjoys walking, picnics and holidays in the West Country.

Dr Tom Smiley (Consultant Psychologist)

Mrs Elaine Starling (Nursery Teacher) joined Amesbury in 1998 having previously worked as an Early Years specialist for six years at Shottermill Infant School.

Mrs Caroline Taylor (Drama, LAMDA)

Mr Nigel Taylor (Headmaster) gained his B.Sc. (Hons) in Sports Science and Geography (1978), P.G.C.E. (1979) and Masters (1994) at Loughborough University. He taught at Stowe, Cheltenham College, St. Andrew's Scots School, Argentina, was Deputy Head at St. Paul's Sao Paulo, Brazil and Headmaster of Pierrepont. He was appointed as the 9th Headmaster of Amesbury in September 1994. Married (to Caroline), his interests include politics, reading (biographies and American literature), marathon running (until knees and back gave way), and following the exploits of his beloved Leicester Tigers. His challenge this year on the extra-curricular front is to start a school debating society.

Ms Alice Toynton (Science) was educated at Canford.  She was awarded a BSc (Hons) 1st in Natural Sciences from Durham University and a PGCE from Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  She represented England at Hockey.

Mr Max Tribe (Year 4 Teacher) He was educated at Oxford Brookes University completing a BA (Hons 2:1) Degree in History.  He achieved Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) following a SCITT (Teacher Training) year in which he achieved an ‘Outstanding’ grade.  Following this he joined the Common Room on a permanent basis with the remit to teach History to the lower school, as well as Religious Studies and English as a focus group teacher.

Mr Tribe is passionate about his sport and enjoys coaching during fixtures on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Furthermore, Mr Tribe is an OA having been a pupil at Amesbury between 1998 and 2002.  Finally, when not in the classroom he can be seen with his head buried in a book or more likely supporting his beloved Tottenham Hotspur. 

Mrs Kerry Tristram (Visual Arts) completed her Art BTEC Foundation Course in 1993 at Bournemouth & Poole College being awarded a distinction.  She was later awarded a BA (Hons) (2:1) from Middlesex University in Jewellery Design and her PGCE Primary with Specialism in EYFS/Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) & Art/Design from the University of Surrey.  She is married with children and has taught extensively in the Primary sector.

Ms Sarah Turner (Year 3 & 4 Reading Co-ordinator) joined Amesbury in 2003. Prior to which she worked for Guinness for 9 years before moving to California with her husband. She enjoys nothing more than spending time in the garden and dreams of moving to Lake Como to write her inner novel.

Mr Andy Warry (Tennis Professional). He was Head Tennis Coach at The Bourne Club, Farnham, one of an elite group of coaches to be certified by the LTA as a Master Performance Coach (MPC). 

Mrs Julie Watts (Matron) joined Amesbury in 2011. She trained at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood Middlesex and qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1987, after which she specialised in paediatric and adult burns and plastic surgery before moving on to Occupational Health and Safety. Amesbury is her third school post. Her spare time is kept busy with her extended family, including many animals. She is also an Accredited Dog Breeder breeding Working Cocker Spaniels.

Ms Megan White (Dance Teacher)

Mrs Louise Williams (Head of Girls Games). Mrs Williams was educated at St Bedes in East Sussex.  She went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth gaining BA( Hons).  She went on to complete her PGCE in Physical Education at Southampton University.  Once qualified, Louise taught at The Gregg School in Southampton for 5 years before teaching at St. Ives.  She was appointed in October 2015.