Overall Summary (ISI Inspection 2014)


The quality of the pupils’ overall achievement is excellent, strongly fulfilling the aims of the school. Their knowledge and understanding are strong and they apply academic skills efficiently.

The pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills are a major focus of the curriculum and are exceptionally well developed as a result. Pupils write successfully for a variety of purposes in all subjects. They are highly articulate and willing to express their views and ask questions, thereby extending their knowledge and understanding in all areas.


The Pupils

  • Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and this contributes to their successful achievement.
  • Pupils organise their work well and have extremely positive attitudes towards their learning which they enjoy.
  • The marking of the pupils’ work is outstanding with teachers giving detailed feedback, with clear pointers for improvement.
  • The personal development of the pupils is outstanding. The school achieves its aim for each pupil to be valued as an individual. It is supported by excellent relationships at all levels and amongst all members of the community.
  • The pupils’ spiritual development is excellent. They combine confidence and a strong sense of self-awareness with concern and respect for others. Pupils develop as individuals who accept their responsibility towards the school community both in lessons and activities, across all age groups.
  • The pupils’ moral awareness is excellent. They have a keen understanding of right and wrong, and an understanding of the role rules and sanctions play in creating a happy school culture.
  • The pupils’ social development is a strength of the school. Pupils learn to work and play cooperatively and are given many opportunities to take responsibility, which they undertake highly conscientiously. Their personal behaviour is excellent and pupils show great consideration for each other.
  • The cultural development of pupils is strong. They develop their understanding of other cultures through the curriculum where, for example, they develop an appreciation of different traditions from their religious studies on alternative faiths.
  • The pupils’ appreciation of other cultures is further developed though the link with a school in China and charities they support in India.

Extra Curricular

The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent, strongly fulfilling the aims of the school. Pupils achieve highly effectively across the curricular and extra-curricular programme.

The extensive range of extra-curricular activities encourages pupils to extend their interest, skills and knowledge in a variety of areas including gardening, a plethora or sporting activities and drama. Investigative skills are developed by science clubs and pupils enjoy a variety of music clubs from singing to the big brass band. Throughout the school, the pupils’ experiences are further enriched by an excellent range of visits outside school, including to museums, theatres, workshops at other schools.

All pupils including those with SEND (Special Educational Needs) achieve highly effectively in extra-curricular activities. The pupils’ high standards of physical development occur as a result of a careful programme of sporting activities both in lessons and through the extra-curricular activity programme.

Relationships with Parents

The school maintains excellent relationships with parents, guardians and carers in line with its aims. Parents are supportive of the school, as they indicated in their responses to the pre-inspection questionnaire. They are particularly appreciative of the progress their children make, the range of subjects and the extra-curricular activities offered, the attitudes promoted and pastoral care. Inspectors agree with their views.

ISI Intermediate Inspections 2014


Amesbury School Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection 2014

Amesbury School Early Years Foundation Stage Intermediate Inspection 2014




The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent, strongly fulfilling the aims of the school. Pupils achieve highly effectively across the curricular and extra-curricular programme.

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