School News

The day started in high spirits with excited children and members of staff alike. The mini bus journey was filled with chatter, colouring, book reading and the odd song, ‘The wheels on the bus . . . ‘
Upon arriving we sat and ate snack whilst listening to the safety talk and from there separated into two groups for our activities to begin. Nursery watched a goat being milked; the children listened attentively to the information being given to them and then they could stroke the goat, some very brave children overcome initial trepidation to have a turn. A rabbit, a guinea pig and a mouse were then brought round for the children to pet; much discussion was had over the rabbits blue eyes. We then swapped with pre nursery to take in the sites of the larger animals on the farm whilst ‘Bouncing along on a dusty blue tractor’, well the trailer at least!

Time for a much needed refuel for lunch with the excitement of the pending pig race as topic of conversation. Once placed in prime position to view both the start and the finish the crowds were hyped up into a frenzy cheering for their pig of choice, and ’Bioinke’ won much to the delight of the masses.

After another toilet stop the children within their groups chose where they would like to spend their free time, and with so much to choose from everything was done in such an amicable way, however the large inflatable pillow was a favourite!


Pre Nursery had a lovely time too looking at the animals on the farm. We went into the big barn where there were pigs sleeping in their troughs as it was a hot day. While we were in the barn we saw hundreds of sheep making a lot of noise all waiting to be sheared.


Our ride on the tractor trail was a bumpy one and on the way round the children saw lots of cows, donkeys and deer.


We found Gretel the goat being milked, it was funny as she did bleat when her food arrived.


The children, even our youngest, behaved beautifully and always washed their hands after handling the animals, the smallest being a mouse.


Grandstand view of the pig races! And they are off!!


Where now?