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Sunday 25th June
Mothers V Daughters Rounders match

A fantastic couple of hours were spent over at Fyfield with the senior girls and their mothers. From the moment we arrived the girls were totally in the zone. They decided to try and intimidate their mothers by warming up with a lap of the field followed by dynamic stretches, mainly of sumos!

After some throwing and catching, batting practice and a lesson on rules, the much awaited game was ready to begin. The mothers faced 32 good balls to which they batted well! After 1 hit each the mothers were in the zone and started to score a number of half rounders. Sophie had a brilliant catch from Mrs Johnson and Dora not only caught out her own mother but also caught out Mrs Grimshaw and stumped out Mrs Williams at 2nd post. Time to switch over and the girls had to beat an impressive 5 ½ rounders from the mothers. On their first bat the girls very quickly started to score making the mothers up their game in the field. They soon started to take no prisoners with Mrs Sharper on fire as backstop, catching out a few players, along with Mrs Johnson making some excellent catches. The girls in total scored 7 ½ rounders only giving them a 2 rounder lead.

Half time drinks, strawberries, grapes and a couple of tips for the mothers, the second innings was ready to begin. The girls fielded with determination, focus and commitment. They threw the ball accurately and were not afraid to catch. They knew they had all to play for. As a team, they either stumped or caught of 9 players. The mothers were as equally as determined to try and beat the girls, so much so that Mrs Grimshaw broke Lottie’s bat with 1 hit! After some excellent hitting the mothers finished with another 4 rounders to be added to their score.

A quick change over and the girls really meant business. They hit the ball with power and sprinted round the pitch to score as much as possible. Matilda came up for her first hit and to her surprise her mother caught her out! The girls finished on 8 rounders. In total mothers scored 9 and daughters score 15 ½ rounders. After the three cheers for each team Mrs Sharper got awarded batter of the match and Mrs Johnson fielder of the match. For the girls, Lily was batter of the match and Dora fielder of the match. It was such a super Sunday morning with lots of fun and laughs. Thank you all for coming and thank you Mrs Benson for helping to organise.

Mrs Williams


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