School News

The father’s v son’s annual cricket match took place with a good turn out of players and with even the odd father replacement present. The son’s batted first and some excellent catching from Mr Smith dismissed his son. Seb was able to record a 59 and retired until later on when he returned and scored 82 not out. He was ably assisted by Ollie who just missed out on his 50. The captain of the father’s, Mr Hall produced some teasing slow ball which caused several if the late order batsman trouble.

The son’s then bowled and a limit of 3 overs per bowled meant that all boys were able to bowl against their father’s. Some excellent field with Frank being a magnet to the ball in the first over, Seb sticking out a hand and the ball falling into it for a caught and bowled, Hall taking a running catch and one of the ever changing wicket keepers taking a fine catch behind late on in the innings all created a tense finish.

The father’s had several retired batters with Mr Smith playing an unselfish innings while scoring heavily. He was however dropped half way through his innings. Mr Garrett who opening the innings, playing some very elegant came back in, in the dying moments. 4 runs needed from the final ball of the match and the ruthless Mr Garrett dismissed a good ball to the boundary.

A good day by all. Many thanks to all those that attended and made it happen.

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