School News

Reception enjoyed a wonderful day out at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as part of our ‘Seaside’ topic. We climbed down lots of steep stairs inside HMS Warrior to find out all about Victorian seaside holidays. We travelled back in time to have a go at some traditional games – Punch and Judy, hobby horses, fishing games…Some children even got to dress up in Victorian outfits. The lady thought it was VERY rude of the girls to be showing their knees!! We made sugar mice as souvenirs, then climbed back up all the stairs and past the cannons to have our lunch beside Victory. On board Victory we learnt a little about Nelson and saw his fancy rooms. We saw the hammocks, the galley and LOTS of ropes and cannons. It was lovely to be able to see the parts of the ship we had learned about at school – we scrubbed the deck and pretended to climb the rigging! All of the Owls and Hedgehogs impressed us and other visitors with their curiosity and good behaviour – well done, it was a pleasure to take you!
Miss Lloyd-Davies and Mrs Gadd


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