D Day is a notable time at Amesbury. We reflect on our strong connections during World War II with General Sir Bernard Montgomery – a connection which is still present today.

Montgomery’s son David started school at Amesbury in 1936 and during the 1940’s the estate was ‘home’ for Montgomery and his son.  By D Day in 1944, Amesbury had become Montgomery’s Rear HQ, making his final plans here for D Day. Crucially he also used the estate during the weeks before D Day to take time to quietly reflect and make notes. Montgomery understood the importance of supporting his generals, much like Churchill, and used his time at Amesbury to plan, prepare and reflect.

We mark D Day in our memorial garden each D Day. The school gathers for a time of both education and reflection. One of many examples of how important it is to come together as a community.

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