If you cast your mind back to your own school days, you may recall a moment when your curiosity was unexpectedly awakened.  That moment was almost certainly inseparable from the inspiration of a particular teacher.  Once that spark of curiosity has been ignited, it becomes the engine of achievement; a child will learn, because children are natural learners.

Our cause, our responsibility, is to provide that spark and a culture in which it can burn brightly.

To find out how your child might benefit from becoming an Amesburian please do come and visit us or join us at our next Open Morning on Thursday 10 May 2018.









If after visiting Amesbury you decide it is the right school for your son or daughter, I make but one promise: your child will need no persuading to come to school in the morning, although he or she may need a lot of convincing that it is time to leave at the end of the day.


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