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Saturday 1st October 2022,  10am – 12pm

We warmly invite you to join Amesbury School’s next Open Morning.

Come and find out what makes Amesbury so special with a tour of the school, allow one hour.


Sign up for our ‘Back to School’ immersive experience, allow two hours.

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While your child has a lovely time making new friends at school, the Friends of Amesbury offers an opportunity for you to do the same!

All Amesbury parents are automatically ‘Friends of Amesbury’. The FOA is responsible for welcoming and supporting new families, and for fostering a sense of community in the school principally by holding social events throughout the year.

Every year, two parents from each year group volunteer to join the committee and they will be your main point of social contact when you join the school.

Before your child starts school:

* Your Class Rep will invite you and your child to meet some of the other children and parents in the year group.

* You can come to the Second Hand Uniform sales which the FOA run on behalf of parents.

* You can use your Class Rep as a great source of informal know-how about the school – particularly useful during the Summer Holidays when the school is closed!

When your child starts school:

* Your Class Rep will organise a coffee morning and often an evening social event for your year group, so that you begin to get to know everyone.

* The school will hold a coffee morning at school after drop off, once a term for each year group. Members of the Common Room will attend, to allow parents to communicate with the team in an informal setting.

While your child is at school:

* You can volunteer to be a Class Rep, get involved in social events or to help in another way – it’s a great way to meet new people and support the school.

* You can advertise to the parent body in our regular Amesbury Ads – you can sell musical instruments, bikes etc. that you no longer need, and for marketing your own business.

* You can find buyers for uniform your children grow out of – you get 70% of the proceeds, and the rest is shared between the FOA and the school’s charities.(

* You can come along to our whole school social events – sometimes with your child and sometimes without.

* You can even do your own learning by coming along to one of our In Form sessions which provide useful information to parents on a range of issues. Recent evenings have covered the topics of Internet Safety and Friendships.

Whatever we do, we do voluntarily and not for gain. However, sometimes by planning to avoid making a loss, we do make some money. When this happens the FOA donates 50% of the funds raised annually to the school charities. The remaining funds are allocated based on submissions by the Common Room to the FOA and voted for by all parents across the school. Members of school staff can propose projects that will benefit children in the school, and would not fall under the remit of structural work to the school or basic school equipment requirements. Details of the proposed projects will be sent to all parents and each parent can vote for the project they like best or number them in order of preference. If there is incomplete funding for a project the FOA can continue to contribute funds to that project in subsequent years. This will give all parents a focus and understanding of where any additional money raised as the result of an event is going.


How can I join?

If you have any queries or would like to register your interest in joining the Committee please speak to your Year Group Representative.

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