All Amesbury parents are automatically ‘Friends of Amesbury’. The FOA is responsible for welcoming and supporting new families, and for fostering a sense of community in the school principally by holding social events throughout the year.


The FOA is structured into two groups so that a larger number of parents will be able to play an active role in the social side of the school.


Year Group Representatives

The first group is made up of the year group representatives, two from each year group who are responsible for all activities associated solely with their year group. The role of the year group reps is primarily to welcome and support new parents into the school and to organise year group social activities, such as coffee mornings and evening gatherings . The year group reps meet every half term and the committee is chaired by Nigel Taylor.


Social Committee

The second group, the FOA Social Committee comprises parents from across the school. They are responsible for the organisation and running of whole school social events such as the children’s Christmas disco, the quiz night and summer events.

The role of the Social Committee is to organise whole school events. Whilst there are a number of events that have taken place year on year, they can only happen with the work of a group of volunteers who need to plan and run the event. Although the Social Committee will be responsible for planning the social calendar and a member of the committee will take responsibility for leading the group organising a particular event, for each event that takes place, an invitation will be sent to the whole school to ask parents to get involved as part of the team organising that specific event. This will enable more and more parents to play a role and take on as much or as little as they are able to do.


How can I join?

If you have any queries or would like to register your interest in joining the Committee please either speak to your Year Group Representative or email

Where now?