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We make scholarship awards because we believe that they strengthen the wider school community as award winners provide a positive lead aesthetically, intellectually and/or physically.

The scholarship process is not then about talent alone but developing the right attitudes to learning and setting standards for others. Scholars are expected to set consistently high standards. All scholarships are tenable throughout the holder’s career at Amesbury, subject only to the Head’s satisfaction with the holder’s industry, performance and behaviour. Candidates may apply for more than one scholarship.


1. What is the Amesbury definition of a scholar?

A scholar is a child who is clearly head and shoulders above other very able and talented pupils in their chosen area of expertise.

In academic terms this would mean a child who in future years will be a strong candidate to win a scholarship to a senior school which is widely regarded as being ‘highly academic’.

In sport we would definitely expect a child aged eleven/twelve to be participating regularly in their chosen sport(s) to county standard. Recent sports scholars have left Amesbury and represented their country.


2. In what areas of the curriculum are scholarships available?

Amesbury awards scholarships for academic, artistic both visual and performing, and sporting excellence. Information on the specific types of scholarship available can be found here.


3. Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship and at what age are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded to pupils on entering the preparatory school, either from our own pre-preparatory department or from other schools. We do not make any internal scholarship awards to pupils already in the Preparatory school.

We generally do not offer scholarship to pupils in the Pre-Preparatory department (age 2+ – 6+). However the scholarship cycle does involve awards being made on occasion to pupils in Year 2 in the March prior to entry to the Preparatory School in Year 3.


4. When does the award process take place?

Applicants for the Rose Scholarship attend our Rose Scholarship day in May. For other scholars there is no dedicated Scholarship Day and applicants will be invited in for individual assessments throughout the year. As part of the application process we will contact the child’s current school to obtain a reference and candidates will be invited for assessment at Amesbury.


5. How generous are the awards financially?

The maximum value of a full scholarship award is 25% of fees per term. However it is more normal for awards to be significantly less.

The fee remission associated with scholarships is not means dependent. In cases of financial hardship, the remission associated with scholarships may be augmented. However this element of the award is subject to a strict means testing process and dependent on the schools Foundation Fund.

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Pupils are highly successful in their achievement beyond the classroom, such as in sports and music and performing arts. They achieve notable success in both regional and national sporting competitions such as cricket, hockey and tennis.

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