The School Uniform Shop is located on the first floor of the Lutyens building and is run by AS Uniform. All uniform with the exception of dance uniform and sports kit can be purchased from AS Uniform.

During term time AS Uniform is open weekly, please check the calendar for days and times.

For all enquiries, orders and appointments please contact Liza Wilkinson via email or telephone 01428 606773.

Uniform lists and order forms for new uniform are available from your handbook, by email at or by using the links below.


The sport kit is available to buy through a dedicated Amesbury online shop. Items can be returned (return postage must be paid) for a full refund, or exchanges are sent out free of charge. Certain items such as the Amesbury locker bag, black and white games socks, draw string bags are available to purchase through the school uniform shop ‘AS Uniform’ and they are marked with **

* Purchase from Amesbury online shop
** Purchase from Amesbury school uniform shop. Mrs Wilkinson can be contacted on
For those items without an * these can be purchased elsewhere.

pe and games kit


Sports kit need to be brought into school in an Amesbury Locker Bag */**. Sports kit and equipment (eg. Tennis Racquet, Hockey Sticks etc) need to be taken to the Sports Hall changing rooms on Monday mornings. Sports Kit must be taken home after the last lesson each week for washing. Please note for safeguarding purposes no adults are allowed in the changing rooms, only games staff. We encourage children to drop off and collect their own bags.


Second hand uniform sales are organised by the FOA (Friends of Amesbury) on scheduled dates throughout each term and held in the corridor outside the Medical Centre in the Main Lutyens Building. For Second Hand Uniform Procedures click here. For the next sale dates for Second Hand Uniform please contact


Parents wishing to sell uniform need to register for a seller number via email to and this number is used on subsequent sales. Labels should be downloaded from here Second Hand Uniform Labels and attached to any sports equipment or uniform as per the instructions. See Pricing Guidelines for information of approximate sale prices.

If you wish to donate your unsold items to the school please ensure you clarify this at the time of registration.


To ensure parents and children have quick access to uniform for lost/forgotten items etc we offer a loans system via Matron. This lending service enables items to be signed out for a set time period and then returned accordingly. Items not returned within the agreed time limit will be subject to a loan fine.



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