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Having been selected as one of several schools to take part in Centrepiece 2018, a project run in association with the Art Fund Prize Gallery at The Lightbox, Year 7 were invited to visit the gallery, to view the work on display and take part in a workshop and just a couple of days into this term we did just that!

On arrival at The Lightbox in Woking on the morning of Thursday 11 January we were lucky enough to view a collection of original paintings by Turner, including sketch studies and even one of his sketchbooks! The children were encouraged to think about which works appealed to them most: the meticulously detailed paintings or the quick expressive sketches. After some healthy differences of opinion we viewed some photographic work and were shown the gallery in which some of the children’s final pieces of work will be displayed this summer. Back in the studio the children made drawings of the bronze sculpture ‘Redoubt’ by Anthony Caro, whilst finding out a bit more about the piece and what may have been the inspiration behind it. The children were then given a small piece of board and a sheet of paper and after a quick demonstration of how to transform the paper from two dimensions to three dimensions in a matter of seconds, they were off; folding, scrunching, tearing, coiling, weaving…you name it!


After a concentrated session and some amazing sculptural creations later, we were ready to depart. The children carefully transported their pieces back to school, proud of their morning’s work and inspired to develop their ideas further.


The children were a credit to Amesbury during the visit and staff at The Lightbox made a point of saying how impressed they were with the standard of work the children produced. We look forward to getting stuck into this project over the following weeks!

Mrs Tristram

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