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Admissions is still open

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to confirm that Amesbury Admissions is still operating and accepting new joiners for the next academic year.

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The aim of the Latin curriculum is to explore the language and culture of the Romans and the wide reaching influences of Rome upon Western society. Through our study of the Latin language we challenge students in their understanding of English and other European languages, and develop logical thinkers.

Latin is taught to children in Years 5 – 8. Pupils learn about sentence construction and, as their Latin vocabulary increases, they begin to tackle more complex Latin grammar. Latin has strong links with other subject areas and students are encouraged to make cross curricular connections, for example with History and RS. As we explore the language of Ancient Rome, we also encounter the great stories, myths and legends which have been told for thousands of years. These fascinating and entertaining stories provide valuable insights into the culture of this ancient civilisation and various aspects of this culture are studied in depth as pupils progress.

For the first two years pupils follow an introductory course in Latin (the Minimus books) in which English grammatical terms are reinforced and their Latin equivalents explored. Basic vocabulary is introduced and used in a variety of activities. Pupils will also explore the culture of the Romans. In Year 7 and 8 we delve deeper into the vocabulary and grammatical nuances of the language, and look in greater detail at the history of Rome.


Head of Department

Helen Ronan has a BA (Hons) History (2:1), an MA Ancient and Medieval Warfare from Cardiff University and completed her PGCE in Secondary History at the University of Wales Trinity St David.

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