Early Years - Amesbury School
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Children throughout the Early Years at Amesbury follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which sets standards for the development, learning and care of children from birth to five. Our purpose-built facility supports this and through its design naturally encourages each child to become more independent using indoor and secure outdoor areas in which to learn.


Pre-Nursery 2+ Years

In our pre-nursery we hope to develop a ‘home away from home’ for children. We are very aware that this is the start of a very long school career and one we wish to begin in the best way possible. We have a high staff to pupil ratio enabling us to attend to each individual’s emotional, social and physical needs. Our time in the Pre-Nursery is mostly spent helping each and every child feel secure and comfortable, supporting them with the transition from a home to school environment. This enables them to gain confidence in themselves to do things, minimising any stress or anxiety children may feel when moving into a new environment.

We welcome parents in to our classroom at drop off and collection times. This handover time is an intricate part of helping each child to enjoy their sessions with us in the best way possible. We follow each child’s daily routine allowing them to rest or sleep in a quiet area.



In our Nursery we hope to take the first gentle steps into making the children “independent learners” within a safe, caring and secure environment. We have a dedicated team within the Nursery who will encourage and support each individual child ensuring that the children feel enthusiastic and happy and eager to learn.

Within the Nursery we have planned the layout of learning environment to enable the children to access all seven areas of the curriculum. In our environment we feel through child initiated learning the children can reach their own goals which can be extended and supported by careful observation and planning. Outdoor learning is an integral part of our Early Years. It complements the inside provision reflecting all areas of learning. Your child may choose to work in any area of our secure indoors or outdoors.

We welcome parents into the Nursery at both drop off and pick up times. This handover is an essential part of the day as it enables the children to feel there is a strong home/link bond.



Reception is a continuation of what the children have already learnt. We pick the children up at their level of understanding and help them to grow, explore and learn.

In order to do this, we draw on the children’s already vast knowledge and together draw up a picture of their thoughts and ideas. We then take this picture and plan activities, environment and experiences themed according to the seven learning areas. It is through well planned play that young children learn. Learning takes place when an activity is enjoyable and challenging. We value outdoor and indoor experiences equally and plan for them as such.

In Reception the children also benefit from the specialist teaching and facilities in modern dance, ballet, music, French, tennis and other sports. Reception is the first full time year of education. There are two classes each with their own qualified Teacher and a shared Teaching Assistant.


Pre-Nursery & Nursery Sessions

In Pre-Nursery and Nursery children are encouraged to attend at least 3 ‘sessions’ per week. Pre-Nursery is available on a ‘pick and mix’ process whilst nursery session are booked in advance half-termly. More information can be found on the nursery session timings link below.

Amesbury is registered with Surrey County Council’s Early Years Scheme and can claim the grant for children aged 3 – up to the term before the children turn 5, which it refunds to parents.  Amesbury also accepts employer’s Child Care Vouchers.





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