Amesbury is not a boarding school or a weekly boarding school. What we offer is an occasional residential experience to pupils in Years 6-8 once per term to board on four consecutive nights (Monday-Thursday) on a single sex basis.  Year 5 has spilt week boarding sessions starting in the Trinity Term.

The boarding experience is a ‘fun’ week for the children, and gives those (like mine) the chance to have a ‘taster’ of what boarding is like. I think it is important that Amesbury offers these weeks, especially for those children who are going on to a boarding school.

Parent – RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

We have a maximum capacity of ten beds and the boarding weeks are published in the School Calendar by year group and gender in advance.

….a valuable and welcome additional experience Amesbury offers the children….

Parent – RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

The primary aims of the boarding experience then are not to prepare pupils for boarding school but rather to:

  • Give pupils the opportunity to be independent from home on an occasional basis and by so doing to enable them to develop appropriate skills for senior school and beyond.
  • Provide pupils with additional opportunities to learn how to function effectively within a team.
  • To give pupils opportunities to learn how to make sensible choices in terms of balancing work and recreation.

My son loves the experience and it has been great for his sense of independence.

Parent – RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016


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