Why Amesbury?

The unsolicited pupil observations quoted below might provide you with an answer:

'I will miss the simplicity of life at Amesbury. The way the teachers rely, not on rules and loud voices, but on your own friendship to ensure your cooperation'

 '......the teachers can almost be called your family.'

''The thing I like most about Amesbury is that it encourages individuality and is flexible to new ideas. What I will miss the most is the support and guidance of the teachers here, many of whom I consider friends'

(Extracts from 'A Leaver's Perspective')

And what do parents say?

'I knew it was an extremely popular school. But no one seemed to know why. Other schools have specific reputations. But it was difficult to pin down. It was an enigma. Once I visited it though I could understand why. It's academic, but not pushy, it's really strong at sport, but it doesn't claim to be a sporty school. It just ticks all the boxes.'

'That was the number one thing for us - their (the children's) behaviour didn't change when we walked into the room. They didn't jump to attention.'

'Compared with other schools, there was a sense that they (the teachers) were real human beings'

(Extracts from a Research Report by RS Academics)

What does this add up to?

Amesbury is a simple place. Teachers don't rely on rules and loud voices to engage with pupils. Individuality flourishes and the children are happy.

Relaxed yes, but purposeful: Academically strong, steely on the games field, and 'mind-blowingly good' in the Performing Arts'. In short a difficult school to pigeon hole.

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