Digital Learning - Amesbury School


Amesbury successfully completed its initial Digital Vision by the end of the Academic Year 2019-2020 with the systematic embedding of Technology and Digital Tools to improve the quality of lessons.

Our updated Digital Strategy is “To be recognised across the UK as a leader in the use of digital tools to transform teaching and learning.

In doing this, we will:

1. Embed best practise and the creative use of digital tools in teaching and learning across the school

2.Continue to develop a profile of Amesbury as a thought leader on learning in the 21st Century

3.Gain recognition as a leader in the use of digital tools to transform education

4.Continue to make effective use of data to guide decisions and enhance outcomes for pupils

Digital Common Room

At the heart of the Amesbury Digital Learning is a team of energetic, enthused & skilled staff. All of them have recognised skills, including some who are Microsoft Innovative Educators, Wakelet Ambassadors as well as those who have achieved the MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator) qualification.

Remote Learning

Amesbury is thrilled to report that we were able to hit the ground running on Tuesday 5th January at 8:30am with our remote learning provision for every child in the school. Please watch this video to see how we have been able to deliver meaningful and engaging lessons to every Year Group remotely.

Digital Partnerships

As a consequence of the innovative lesson provision in Years 3 and 4 during Remote Learning, Wakelet have approached Amesbury to showcase the use of technology and to share best practice.

Where now?