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“To champion the use of digital tools to educate and empower pupils for life in the 21st Century.”

Amesbury is a Microsoft Showcase School

Microsoft Showcase School status means that digital learning is embedded across the traditional curriculum and that there is a commitment from the entire school and all our parents to continuously invest in this and keep developing in this ever evolving area.

Amesbury is one of only 56 in the UK and the only prep school to have achieved this status.

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Why should we use digital learning tools?

Amesbury recognises that our pupils are growing up in a digital world. We believe that their school life and the way that they learn should reflect that. Amesbury aims to model a balance of using digital tools and resources alongside more traditional ways to learn so that our pupils acquire lifelong learning habits and the ability to use digital tools effectively. 

Digital devices are available to all pupils across the whole school in their classrooms, with pupils in Y5 and above using a 1:1 laptop which is loaned to them by the school. We use digital tools to enrich the learning experience, giving pupils access to up-to-date resources, real-world information and experience of a wide variety of mainstream apps that encourage them to build their knowledge and respond thoughtfully and creatively. We promote digital communication and collaboration so pupils can work with others within and beyond school, learning teamwork and taking joint responsibility for outcomes. 

Routine availability of digital tools ensures that all pupils can access all resources, exploring their own learning preferences and finding tools which suit them. They can personalise the page setup; dictate, type or write; use audio recordings, video files, drawings or photographs; and listen to text as well as reading it; making choices appropriate for them at that time, in that subject. 

We provide that age-appropriate freedom of choice within a safe environment so that pupils can become discerning users of technology; recognising the huge benefits but also being aware of the risks and being able to manage them. 

Crucially, we want our pupils to leave Amesbury equipped to learn, work and live in the 21st century. 


Amesbury successfully completed its initial Digital Vision by the end of the Academic Year 2019-2020 with the systematic embedding of Technology and Digital Tools to improve the quality of lessons.

We are now working towards our updated Vision Statement, “To champion the use of digital tools to educate and empower pupils for life in the 21st Century.” With this, our aim is to ensure

In doing this, we will:

1.Embed the innovative use of digital tools in all aspects of school life

2.Develop a curriculum for education in a digital world

3.Make effective use of data to guide decisions and enhance outcomes for pupils

4.Work with others to share and build best practice in the transformative use of digital tools in education

Digital Common Room

At the heart of the Amesbury Digital Learning is a team of energetic, enthused & skilled staff. All of them have recognised skills, including some who are Microsoft Innovative Educators, Wakelet Ambassadors as well as those who have achieved the MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator) qualification.

Remote Learning

Amesbury is thrilled to report that we were able to hit the ground running on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 8:30am with our remote learning provision for every child in the school. Please watch this video to see how we have been able to deliver meaningful and engaging lessons to every Year Group remotely.

Digital Partnerships

As a consequence of the innovative lesson provision in Years 3 and 4 during Remote Learning, Wakelet have approached Amesbury to showcase the use of technology and to share best practice.

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