At the start of every year we ask the children to write a charter about those rights they agree are the most important in relation to what is done in that classroom.

Amesbury has a strong sense of community and belonging, it is what set’s the school apart. It is important that these qualities remain at the heart of the school.

Parent – RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

After discussing all of the articles, we pick those that are most important to us. Each year group then creates their own charters based on the rights of a child and how we, as responsible citizens, can respect those rights. Both staff and children understand their roles in following the charters and have all signed them in agreement.

The sense of community maintained by the children themselves, best evidenced in their growing (year on year) self-confidence/esteem and mutual support to each other – surprisingly rare and eventually far more important than squeezing the pips out of academic success. A very positive environment.

RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

Please view the images of our year group charters:


Year 1 Rose Charter

Year 2 Charter


Year 3 Charter


year 4 charter


year 5 charter


year 6 charter


year 7 & 8 charter




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