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At Little Amesbury we value the involvement of parents. Once children start at school, there are many ways that information is shared and relationships built with parents, including:

• Information about planning is sent home via online Tapestry and displayed in classrooms.

• Weekly information regarding the focus of current learning is provided through verbal feedback in pre-nursery and nursery and through homework, sound books and reading diaries in Reception.

• Every child has a learning journal which the parents can access as often as they want. Each child also has a Tapestry account where updates are sent home regarding the children’s learning.

• Families and friends are invited to book ‘looks’ where they can share the children’s learning journals and look at work displayed in the classrooms.

• Next steps for learning are shared with parents during consultation meetings and next steps, targets and reports are sent home and the parent’s opinion is sought.

• A selection of library books are available for children/families to borrow to read together at home.

• Photographs are regularly taken and displayed on posters in the classroom, learning journals or on Tapestry, to show all children involved in learning activities.

• We hold curriculum and reporting evenings.

At Little Amesbury we operate an open door policy that allows for parents to share children’s work and discuss any concerns they may have. This close partnership between teachers and parents help children feel safe and secure at school, developing a sense of well-being and achievement. Parents are encouraged to support and reinforce the learning that has occurred in the classroom.

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