Welcome from The Headmistress

From the very first moment I visited Amesbury I knew it was an ‘amazing’ place,  where happy children thrive.  When you talk to other parents,  they find it hard to put their finger on what makes it such a great school.  Many express that part of its magic is that children are allowed to be children.  They learn in a relaxed yet purposeful environment,  and enjoy an education which transcends way beyond the classroom walls.  Ultimately,  when children are happy,  they can truly thrive,  it allows them to achieve their true potential.  That always has been and always will be our aim at Amesbury.

My teaching life began just over 20 years ago,  as a Reception teacher.  Since then I have taught and supported pupils from 2-13 and loved every moment!   It is as important to me that our curious Nursery and Reception pupils are taught to have the same growth mind set as our hard working Year 8’s.  If that train track won’t piece together first time,  try again,  if it still doesn’t work adapt,  be creative,  be flexible.  Aspiring at Amesbury is about the individual,  finding ways for all to thrive:  embracing the uniqueness of you.

As we continue to  move forward,  my vision for the future of Amesbury is to continue to build on the great successes and developments,  particularly over the past 10 years.  There has been great investment not just in buildings and infrastructure,  but by all of our passionate staff,  who invest great care and time to support and develop our fabulous pupils.  I will work with staff to continue to develop a forward thinking curriculum and ensure our classrooms, teaching tools and teaching strategies always have one eye on the future.  My aim will be to prepare our young people to be ‘future ready’ and I believe that with happiness,  confidence,  drive and determination comes achievement.

When visiting future schools and speaking with Senior Schools Heads I have been struck by one consistent message:  Amesbury pupils are a joy to teach,  because they are happy,  confident and full of character.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school.

Sheina Wright


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