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The School Council plays an important role in school life at Amesbury. As well as providing leadership opportunities for children, particularly in Year 7 and 8, it enables pupils to take an active part in school decision-making. It reinforces the principle that children have rights, including the right to have their opinions taken into account in decisions that concern them. It provides a forum through which pupils play an active part in democratic and electoral processes.

The School Council is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl and includes two children, one boy, one girl, from each Year Group (Years 3-7), School Prefects, the Head and Mrs. Munday (Head of Pupil Personal Development).

The process of electing the School Councillors is taken very seriously as we see this as a real opportunity for learning. Before the tutees vote they are taken through the relevant parts of the School Council Policy. We feel it important that the children understand the role of the School Council and also carefully consider the qualities necessary to be a good councillor. This also provides an opportunity for the children to experience what it is like to engage in a democratic process.

We believe the School Council provides an opportunity for pupils to develop important life skills through active listening, learning to show empathy, acceptance of different opinions, learning to find consensus and compromise, initiating and taking responsibility for specific projects. This is evident in the work that was carried out by the School Council last year not only with the choice of animal charity but also with the ideas that are developed to raise money for our chosen charities.

Part of the School Council’s responsibility is to develop the charities programme which is an opportunity for all pupils to be involved. During the year there are various charity events including assemblies, year group charity challenges, events culminating in Charity Day at the end of the term.


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