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Welcome to Amesbury Virtual Admissions.  To view our Virtual Tour, please click here:

Virtual Tour 2021

We would also be delighted to arrange an Individual Virtual Tour and online meeting with the Headmaster at your convenience.

For all queries, or to arrange an individual tour or meeting with either the Headmaster or Admissions, please contact Liz Wright, Head of Marketing and Admissions at, 01428 604322.

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Pupils benefit from knowing that at Amesbury their worth is rooted in who they are rather than in what they can do.

We aim to communicate to each child that he/she is an individual, with a unique blend of gifts and talents, emotions and needs and it is this individuality that gives them immeasurable worth. This belief is reflected in the school aims and provides the foundation upon which pastoral care at Amesbury is built.

The school provides a specific set of systems, procedures and programmes to promote effective pastoral care. However, the provision of pastoral care is most effective when it is all-pervasive and fully integrated into the fabric of the school. Of critical importance to this is the quality of relationships that exist between the staff and the pupils. When the time comes to leave each child will do so with their confidence high, skills sharpened and personality rounded, ready and able to engage successfully with the world around them.

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