Pupils benefit from knowing that at Amesbury their worth is rooted in who they are rather than in what they can do.

We aim to communicate to each child that he/she is an individual, with a unique blend of gifts and talents, emotions and needs and it is this individuality that gives them immeasurable worth. This belief is reflected in the school aims and provides the foundation upon which pastoral care at Amesbury is built.

Pastoral care is fantastic. Each child is an individual and they are valued for that. The teachers see the best in each child and celebrate it. Amesbury is a traditional prep school with all the wonderful values that entails whilst at the same time being forward thinking and innovative. I don’t know another school like Amesbury and our children are very fortunate to have had such a solid grounding.

Parent – RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

The school provides a specific set of systems, procedures and programmes to promote effective pastoral care. However, the provision of pastoral care is most effective when it is all-pervasive and fully integrated into the fabric of the school. Of critical importance to this is the quality of relationships that exist between the staff and the pupils. When the time comes to leave each child will do so with their confidence high, skills sharpened and personality rounded, ready and able to engage successfully with the world around them.

Pastoral care generally has been complimented by parents as ‘just a natural part of the way things are at Amesbury

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Genuinely both boys love the school and it has nurtured and encouraged two very different personalities which is the most important thing we could have hoped for.


I love the fact my children know everyone in the school and the year groups look out for one another.

Parent RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

We are extremely happy with everything, our girls are discovering and enjoying at Amesbury.

Parent RSAcademics Parent Survey 2016

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