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Amesbury has a fulltime school nurse on site during the school day and a well equipped Medical Centre.

The school nurse ensures that any medical problems are dealt with promptly and will provide simple basic first aid in a quiet and peaceful environment until such time as pupils are able to return to lessons or are passed to the care of parents/guardians, doctor or hospital.



Medication in its original pharmacy packaging, together with a permission slip with clear written instructions, should be given to the school nurse who will then administer the medication.

Medicines can only be administered when clearly marked and accompanied with a completed permission slip. Please notify us if there is any medical information of which we should be aware: this includes any special dietary requirements. If you wish us to give your child any form of medication, we will require a letter giving us permission to do so.


Medical Conditions:

Should your child develop a medical condition whilst they are a pupil at Amesbury, please make an appointment to see the school nurse who will communicate with relevant staff if necessary.


Infectious Illness:

If you suspect an infectious illness, please consult a doctor before sending your child to school. If an infectious illness is confirmed please inform the school nurse immediately.


Returning to School from Illness:

Amesbury follows the Health Protection Agency’s guidelines on “Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings”. The HPA state that a child who has had ‘diarrhoea and/or vomiting should be kept away from school/nursery for a minimum of 48 hours’.



Sister Julie Watts has been a nurse for over thirty years having trained in West London. She specialised in paediatrics, burns and plastic surgery and Occupational Health before becoming a School Nurse.
Amesbury is her third school which she joined in 2011. Julie is mum to two daughters and step-mum to two; her husband and Julie are Accredited breeders of Working Cocker Spaniels of which they have three of their own. She enjoys traveling, site seeing and Egyptology.


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