We are always on the lookout for highly talented teachers and support staff to enhance our existing gifted Common Room.

Just because we don’t happen to have a specific vacancy in your chosen area of expertise does not mean that we would not be interested in discussing your future career with you. It may be that an appropriate vacancy arises a term or a year or so down the line, or we become so keen for you to join Amesbury that we find a way to make it work.

If the prospect of working at Amesbury appeals to you please read A Future Career at Amesbury. A contact today may result in an opportunity in the future.  We look forward to hearing from you.




Deputy Head (Pastoral) Job Description January 2019


Year 2 or Year 3 Teacher Advert February 2019

Year 2 Teacher Job Description February 2019

Year 3 Teacher Job Description February 2019


Cleaning Assistant Advert February 2019

Cleaning Assistant Job Description February 2019


Please submit your application form to recruitment@amesburyschool.co.uk

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A Future Career at Amesbury

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