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A whole range of thriving clubs and activities gives pupils the opportunity to further their interests or to discover completely new ones. One day it might be Judo, or Speech and Drama or a Hip Hop lesson, later in the week that same child might try something new in our ‘Write On’ club or discover a passion for Archaeology or Gardening. There are Choirs, Ensembles, Big Band, Amesbury Performance Ensemble, chess, Mandarin, photography, pottery, textiles, World Cinema and lot, lots more.

In our School Aims we describe how we want to develop in every pupil the skills, aptitudes and abilities required to become emotionally resilient and autonomous learners. We want to encourage in every child a sense of commitment, to value high achievement, to be prepared to adapt and to innovate.

Nurturing the development of this extra dimension in a child’s life, the space between the formal curriculum and home, strengthens the bond between pupil and teacher and gives Amesburians a greater insight into what it means to be educated.





Our co-curricular activity programme plays an important part enabling us to work towards these aims. It does so by extending the curriculum beyond that which is taught in timetabled sessions. These extra activities offer pupils opportunities:

  • For learning the value of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition diversity, and a sense of culture and community.
  • To apply academic skills in a real-world context and are thus considered part of a balanced education.
  • To make choices in terms of what they want to do, or not as the case may be, which in itself can be educational.


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