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Admissions is still open

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to confirm that Amesbury Admissions is still operating and accepting new joiners for the next academic year.

Should you have any questions or would like to find out more about Amesbury please do get in touch with our Head of Admissions, Liz Wright: or 01428 602166

The events which fill today’s papers, such as demands for human rights, the rise of the British National Party and the tension between the Muslim and Christian worlds are not random bolts from the blue.  They have emerged from the pages of History and those who ignore or fail to understand the past will be condemned to relive it.  One Iranian protesting about their election said, “Our blood is the ink with which History will be written.”

At Amesbury we aim to enjoy studying the people and events of the past and to understand the patterns which cause today’s news.  To develop, in other words, the kind of knowledge, skills and sensitivity that will help the children to be more effective citizens, using their appreciation of the past to aid their comprehension of the present.

Plus, we’ll try and answer some juicy teasers: Would you have enjoyed being a gong scourer? How might you have coped with bubonic plague?  Why did a King of England want to sell London? Who is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?  Who is the only Englishman to have been Pope?

The History curriculum is enhanced through a variety of visits, these include: Bignor Roman Villa, Butser Ancient Farm, D-Day Museum, Reading Museum, Winchester Cathedral and Singleton Open Air Museum.


Head of Department

Mr John Hamilton (Third Master, Head of History and Upper School Tutor) was awarded his Masters in History from Edinburgh University.  Prior to his appointment at Amesbury in 1983, he taught at Mostyn House School.

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