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The events which fill today’s papers are not random bolts from the blue. They have emerged from the pages of History and those who ignore or fail to understand the past will be condemned to relive it.

At Amesbury we aim to enjoy the people and events of the past and to understand the patterns which cause today’s news. To develop, in other words, the kind of knowledge, skills and sensitivity that will help the children to be more effective citizens, using their appreciation of the past to aid their comprehension of the present.

We try to bring History to life by asking meaningful questions and delving deeper into exciting enquiry based projects. Who was the rightful King of England in 1066? Is it possible to compare how life changed during both the Black Death and recent Covid-19 pandemic? Or, even would you have enjoyed being a gong scourer during the Medieval Ages?

The History curriculum is enhanced through a variety of visits, these include: Ancient Egyptian Day, Bignor Roman Villa and a residential to Ypres.


Remembering Amesbury’s 1908 1st XI


Head of Department

Mr Max Tribe (Head of History and Year 7/8 Tutor) was awarded his BA Hons in History from Oxford Brookes University. Prior to his appointment as Head of History, he completed his teacher training at Amesbury and taught History to the lower school. Mrs Ronan and Mrs Noe also teach within the department.

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