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Admissions is still open

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to confirm that Amesbury Admissions is still operating and accepting new joiners for the next academic year.

Should you have any questions or would like to find out more about Amesbury please do get in touch with our Head of Admissions, Liz Wright: or 01428 602166


Does God exist? Why does God allow suffering? Do miracles happen today? Is there life after death? Was Jesus just a good man? Is life sacred? Capital Punishment: Yes or No?

These are just some of the questions we consider as we study key passages in both the Old and the New Testament. We encourage children to develop their understanding of other cultures and an appreciation of different traditions in alternative faiths through looking at Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, to role play and to express their views in hearty debates. Religious Education at Amesbury supports the development of the pupil’s own values combining confidence and a strong sense of self-awareness with concern and respect for others.

Each year group will visit a place of religious significance.  Some of our highlights include:

  • Year 3 visit to Guildford Cathedral
  • Year 4 visit to a Jewish Synagogue
  • Year 5 visit to a Buddhist Temple
  • Year 7 visit to “The Life of Christ” at the Wintershall Estate

In Year 8 the students complete a detailed project on a local church which is submitted to their senior school for Common Entrance.


Head of Department

Mr Peter Donaldson (Deputy Headmaster, Head of Religious Studies) gained a BSc (Joint Hons) Degree in Geography and Physical Education from St Andrew’s University and a PGCE from Homerton College, University of Cambridge.  He has spent his entire teaching career in the preparatory sector.  He was appointed Deputy Headmaster in 2006 but his association with the school goes back to 1998 when his first son joined the school. Since then his three other children have all been at Amesbury and loved it, in spite of their dad being Deputy Head!  Peter has responsibility for the weekly chapel services and he also thoroughly enjoys coaching the boys on the games field.

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