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School News

On Tuesday 26 November there was a Tchoukball Match against the Fareham and Horndean Club. There is a new Tchoukball Club that has started in Horndean who train on a Friday evening (my dad runs it) so there was some healthy competition in the build up to the match!

I have 14 pupils that come to the Monday Morning Tchoukball Club at 7.45 to 8.15am, seven ‘oldies’ and seven ‘newies’. As there are seven in a team it meant that in the match on Tuesday both teams played half a match each.

In the 1st quarter the ‘Oldies’ played first, they took the lead 10 – 5. There was some super shooting from Zac, Max, Archie, Tom and Angus. The five of them switched the ball quickly and were great at moving the ball from end to end. William caught some hard shots on front line defence and Jack worked really hard at centre pivot, running second line both ends. They played in the 3rd quarter and scored 7 points and the Fareham and Hordean Club scored 9, which made the final score, 17 – 14.

The new players to the Tchoukball Club played the 2nd and 4th quarter. In their 2nd quarter, the new players scored 4 points and the Fareham and Horndean Club scored 10. In the 4th quarter the new players scored 2 and the Fareham and Horndean scored 12, however the result for them really didn’t matter. What was FANTASTIC was the players playing their first ever Tchoukball match, it was wonderful to watch! Alfie, Will C, Tallulah, Mimi, Daisy, Samuel, Teddy play in different positions, they moved around the court and read the game well. I was really proud of their efforts and how hard they worked and all gave 100%.

There was a lovely message I received from my dad after the message, ‘Amesbury have some very good players – a lovely atmosphere and some excellent Tchoukball’. I agree, there was a special buzz in the Sports Hall.

Sarah Page, Girls’ Games

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