Amesbury Pupils Selected for The Tchoukball World Youth Tchoukball Championships in Singapore - Amesbury School
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The Tchoukball World Youth Tchoukball Championships (WYTC) will be taking place in Singapore on 16-18 August 2019. Amesbury is very proud to announce that 6 current Amesbury Pupils and 3 old Amesburians have been selected:


U15 Team: Oli C (Leaver 2018), George H (Leaver 2017), Ollie W (Leaver 2018) and Cameron D (Year 8)

U12 Team: Cameron W, Tom B, Zac C, Max C and Oscar W.


Tchoukball is a very unique and special game and it is incredible that 9 pupils past and present have been selected to represent the UK in the World Youth Tchoukball Championship. It was introduced at Amesbury to learn a new sport, that boys and girls can equally against each other.


In the true positive Amesbury spirit, all the pupils have got stuck in and embraced learning a new sport. On a Monday morning, there is a Tchoukball Club for the Year 7s and 8s and this is always a club that has loads of energy, it’s fun and their improvement of the game has been fantastic. We are lucky that there is a club in Fareham who are willing to come to Amesbury twice a term to play the Monday Morning Club, and the Coach there, Andy Wolfe has also been a key person in driving the UK Youth Tchoukball forward.


There will be a training match in Bury against the Hungarian Team in half term and more UK training will take place to prepare the UK Youth Teams.


A huge congratulations to the 9 boys who have been selected, we are really proud of you and looking forward to hearing how the preparations go.

Sarah Page

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