European Youth Tchoukball Competition 2018 - Amesbury School
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School News

Old Amesburian pupils were a huge success during the European Youth Tchoukball Competition over the summer.

It’s been a busy and very successful summer break for the M15 boys UK Tchoukball Team – of which three members are Old Amesburian! We were delighted and very proud to hear that George, Ollie W and Ollie C all took part in the European Youth Tchoukball competition, held in Milan, Italy. The boys formed an integral part of the team and all their dedication on the court was notably impressive.

Andrew Wolfe, UK Tchoukball Youth Coach commented ‘Firstly I would like to thank you (Alex Alesbrook) and Sarah Page for your support of Tchoukball over the last few years as we wouldn’t have taken a M15 boys team without the 3 boys from your school. I would like to say what a pleasure it was to coach the M15 boys during EYTC and especially George, Ollie W and Ollie C, they were brilliant throughout the tournament. All of them listen to my advice and worked on their game play during the tournament and the improvement between the first game and the last was huge. George really impressed me with his defence but mostly his man management skills on court a true leader in the making. Ollie W really impressed with his attitude and teamwork, even when he was finding it hard to score he still worked hard on making sure he defended and switched well. Ollie C was brilliant for the team, his shooting kept our team going in some of the tough games and he never looked like the youngest player on the team (being over 6ft helps). Overall the M15 boys surpassed all of our expectations by reaching the semi-finals and losing to a very strong Italian team who went on to win the final, but even without reaching the semi-finals the team developed and improved throughout the tournament and they were brilliant’
If you would like to see some great Tchoukball being played, The Domini Fox Memorial Tournament is being played at the Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth on 27th and 28th October.

For more information about being involved with Tchoukball please speak to Mr Alesbrook or Mrs Page.

UK Tchoukball 2018

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