2nd Rounders v Feltonfleet: Wednesday 14th June 2017 - Amesbury School
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2nd Rounders vs Felton Fleet
Lost 12-12.5
Batter of the match: Dora
Fielder of the match: Phoebe
Lady of the match: Sophie

It was another fantastic day for rounders; the sun was shining and the girls were excited to play! Amesbury played fantastically from the very beginning of the match, consistently showing off their great skills as well as trying their hardest! Super batting was shown by the girls, with everyone scoring throughout the match. In particular, a big well done to Dora for scoring on almost every ball she faced which helped keep Amesbury neck and neck against Felton Fleet. When it came time for the girls to field, they got into the swing of things pretty quickly and managed to get several of the opposition players out in both the first and second innings. Phoebe performed fantastically as bowler, bowling the ball accurately while under pressure and making it hard for the opposition to score. As well as this, well done to Sophie, the lady of the match, who demonstrated a perfect long barrier every time the ball came her way, never letting one get passed her! Although the girls only just missed out on the win, it was a super game all round and they should be very proud of their efforts!!

Miss O’Sullivan

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