Byranston Netball Tournament: Wednesday 17 January 2018 - Amesbury School
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1st Netball Team

Bryanston Netball Tournament

Lady of the Tournament – Betty

On Wednesday the 1st Team all arrived on time in the dining room to pick up packed lunches and snacks. They were wrapped up warm for the day ahead and were excited as we loaded the coach. It was an easy journey down to Bryanston, lots of laughter and giggles from the back of the coach. We arrived in good time for a thorough warm up and time to prepare for the day ahead. The team was captained by Dora, who lead good warm up drills and communicated well with the team throughout the day. The matches in the pool were 8 minutes one way which put the pressure on.

Lost 8-2.

This was a tough first match, Dumpton were incredibly tall and there set plays were well practiced. The first goal of the match was scored by Betty which meant Dumpton had to work hard on the next Centre to turn it over. Amesbury worked had to keep possession and there was a great energy on the court. Every time Dumpton had the ball in their attacking ‘D’ they scored.

Drew 3-3

There was super intercepting in this match from Bo, Dora and Libby, keeping the ball more in the centre court. The 1st team showed good determination and grit and in such a close match and lots of pressure, they stayed focused. Claysemore scored their 3rd goal in the last seconds of the match!

Chafyn Grove
Lost 7-2

This was another tough match. Chafyn Grove and Dumpton drew 2-2 in their round match. Emily and Lara marked tightly and although the ball travelled both ends it was often turned around just outside our attacking ‘D’. The pace was fast and yet again, the 1st team remained positive and worked hard throughout the match.

West Hill Park
Lost 3-2
This was our last match in the pool. We knew this was going to be a close match and it was. It was a little bit more scrappy and contact for the ball, but it show the hunger both teams wanted to have to win this match. The 1st team were loosing 2- 0 and then came back to make it 2-2. There were great shoulder passes from Libby and Georgie. Again in the final seconds of the games WHP came back to score the winning goal.

This took us through to the Spoon Play offs. This was 5 minutes each way and if it was a draw at the end of time, there was 5 minutes extra time. They first match was against Sunninghill. The final score was 4-4 and then in extra time Betty and Grace’s shooting was fantastic and they won it 9-4. It was played with a good pace and they worked so hard. Their next match was against Castle Court, at half time the 1st Team were loosing 2-1, it was tense and also very exciting! In the second half with more excellent performances from the team, they came back to win it 5-2. This took the 1st team into the final of The Spoon. It was against Durlsron Court. At half time the team were loosing 2-1 and then at full time it was a draw 4-4. This took the team into another 5 minutes of extra time, it was another incredibly close match and Amesbury 1st team won it 5-6!

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