IAPS Regional Netball Qualifier - 7 March 2018 - Amesbury School
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U13 IAPS Netball Regional Qualifier at Cranleigh School – Wednesday 7th March 2018

There were six schools participating in this regional tournament which was held in a magnificent sports hall at Cranleigh senior school.

Amesbury v Cranleigh Preparatory School – lost 3-8

This match started out well for Amesbury with Grace scoring the first goal of the match after a set piece centre pass in which Libby transitioned the ball quickly to Emily B and then to Grace in the D. Cranleigh countered with their own goal after the next centre pass and unfortunately were able to disrupt Amesbury’s advantage with 3 more goals in the first half. At half-time Georgie and Emily B switched positions. In defence Emily H worked very hard and kept the Cranleigh GA marked while Betty and Lara halted the attack with their interceptions. Grace was able to score two more goals in the second half but Cranleigh were able to win the match.

Amesbury v Pennthorpe – lost 2-11

This was a very hard match for Amesbury with all the Pennthorpe players being very tall. Pennthorpe won the toss and right from the first centre pass dominated the game. Lara, Emily H, Libby and Betty played hard and didn’t give up even though they were under a lot of pressure. Emily B scored the first Amesbury goal after a centre pass in which Libby threw the ball to Grace then on to Georgie who passed it to Emily B. A second goal was scored this time by Grace after another centre pass. Bo came on for Lara in the second half and played with enthusiasm. The Pennthorpe team won the match because they were able to get the ball into the D and score each time.

Amesbury v Duke of Kent School – drew 5-5

This match started out very well for Amesbury with Grace and Emily B scoring the first 4 goals of the match. They were helped by the rest of the team who transitioned the ball back into the Amesbury attacking D. Emily H and Betty were particularly strong in this match intercepting many passes and defending very well. Lara and Bo supported the team well by keeping the WA marked out of the game. In the second half Duke of Kent gained a second wind and quickly shot 5 goals to go ahead, however Emily H intercepted a crucial pass and the ball reached Grace who scored the 5th and equalizing goal just before the end of the match.

Amesbury v Seaford College – lost 0-13
This match was a test of resilience and character for the Amesbury netball team. The Seaford team was very strong and dominated the game throughout. However in the centre court Libby, Georgie, Lara and Emily H defended to the best of their ability and were able to pass the ball to Emily B and Grace in the Amesbury D a few times but the towering Seaford players prevented any goals being scored. Throughout this match the Amesbury team persisted and did not give up challenging the Seaford players.

Amesbury v Feltonfleet – lost 3-10
This was the final match for Amesbury and it took place immediately after the Seaford match. Again the girls were tested to their limit and rose to the occasion playing hard throughout the match. In this game the centre court players Libby, Bo, Emily H, Lara and Georgie were able to get the ball to our shooters and Grace scored 2 and Emily B scored 1 goal. This was admirable in light of the fact that Feltonfleet won the tournament.

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