March Reports - Thursday 3 May 2018 - Amesbury School
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U8 B Rounders v The Royal School B team
Amesbury won 8 to 0

Batter of the Match: Emilia
Fielder of the Match: Elodie

U8 C Rounders v The Royal School B team
Amesbury won 4 to 2

Batter of the Match: Maisie
Fielder of the Match: Ellie

This match was a great confidence boost to the U8 teams as they scored a lot of rounders by hitting the ball and making good decisions about running around the posts. In particular Emilia, Elodie, Maisie, Ella and Ellie stood out with their ability to hit the ball and make rounders or half rounders. During the fielding innings Alice Y, Alice M and Elodie bowled well and there were less half rounders scored due to no balls than the week before. Emily, Ottilie, Honor and Charlotte played deep fielders and Honor in particular got 2 girls out with her quick fielding and decision making. Freya and Hebe played backstop and were very focused throughout the matches.
The two matches were very much coaching games as the Royal school teams was less experienced and need the help of our Amesbury girls when fielding.

Miss Godet


Amesbury cricket U8A’s vs Hoe Bridge
Score: Amesbury 103-7 vs Hoe Bridge 163-6
Has summer arrived? In the beaming sun the Amesbury boys went out to bat. Like mature cricketers the boys guarded their wicket well. The opening pair showing great control against a Hoe Bridge bowling attack which was very tight offering little extras. Numerous boys played some brilliant shots but the fielding limited us to 103-7. With the ball in hand Amesbury showed huge progress with their bowling. The economy was excellent and forced Hoe Bridge to play over the top. Twice the boys profited from miss timed shots with great catches. Hoe Bridge finished on 163-6. It was a lovely afternoon and hugely impressed with the boys progress since the start of the season.
Report by: Mr O’Reilly


U8A v The Royal School
Won: 14 ½ to 2 ½
Player’s Player: Annie

It was the U8A teams 2nd Rounders Match on Thursday 3 May. The sun came out of the clouds (such a relieve after the rain yesterday) and the girls were excited to play their match against The Royal School.

The team was captained my Amelia and she won the toss and chose to field first. The first innings was 24 good balls and the U8A team fielded brilliantly, great bowling from Libby and Annie. As the Royal had 5, the A team rotated round and played in different positions, they were brilliant at rotating round and working as a super team. Jess made a brilliant catch in the second innings fielding and Poppy and Tilly began to stump 2nd post more making quick decisions.

There were some wonderful half rounders to second post from all of the team and some fantastic full rounders from Annie – with a strong left handed hit, Anya and Libby. The second innings was more exciting, as the U8A team got braver in risking it, The Royal Junior School managed to stump out 4 of the team, the score in the 2nd innings was 6 – 2 ½. It was a friendly match with lots of coaching to both teams and played with a really positive vibe! A great first performance by all.

Mrs Page


Under 9A Rounders v Duke of Kent
Won 20 1\2 – 5 1\2

Batter of the game: Tamzi
Fielder of the game: Chloe

A really fantastic game for the U9A’s today. The girls fielding game was superb as they made intelligent decisions and managed to stump out numerous players early on. The partnership between Chloe at BS and Florence at 2nd post was unstoppable, while Yssy was fantastic as bowler. We also saw some incredible fielding skills in the Deep, with a notable catch from Tamzi at 3rd Deep.
As we went in to bat, the girls also shone. Impressive rounders were scored by Yssy, Florence, Isobel, Chloe and Tamzi, with some really lovely half rounders scored by Milly and Sophie too.
All in all, the girls worked superbly as a team, communicating well and supporting each other through the game.
A fantastic match girls by each and every one of you, well done!

Mrs Dover


U8B Cricket vs Hoe Bridge

Score: Lost by 60 runs

With the weather finally feeling summery, the U8Bs took on Hoe Bridge away.

Bowling first, Amesbury showed some great effort and it was evident that they were trying to use the skills they had been developing in practice. Hoe Bridge had a few big hitters and managed to put on an impressive total of 181 for the loss of only 4 wickets.

Amesbury started well and were making positive calls, racking up a number of quick singles. Unfortunately, a few straight deliveries were allowed through and so at the end of the innings the team had only managed 121 for the loss of 9 wickets.

Despite the loss, all the team played with great spirit and if that can continue, the team is set to make great progress this season.

Report by: Mr Balcombe


U9 B Rounders v Duke of Kent School
Won: 10 1/2 – 1 1/2

Batter of the game: Claudia
Fielder of the game: Victoria

The U9 B team travelled to Duke of Kent School today for their rounders match, with Mrs Dover driving an excited group of girls in the mini bus. The girls all worked brilliantly together as a team and deserved today’s win.

Amesbury was off to a great start batting first, scoring some great rounders as the girls all contributed to the outstanding 7 1/2 rounders scored during their first innings. As we change to fielding, we saw some accurate bowling from Lily with the support from Emily at back stop, both girls working well together in these positions. Neve, Francesca and Merry moved the ball efficiently around the field to reduce the amount of rounders Duke of Kent were able to score. During the second innings to balance up the match we rearranged our girls positions. Amesbury scored 3 rounders, strategically risking to our advantage while limiting Duke of Kent’s score to 1.

Batter of the game went to Claudia for her excellent risking and commitment to the game. Fielder of the game went to Victoria as she marked 2nd post and enabled Amesbury to achieve many run out’s.

Great game today girls, well played!

Miss Phillips


U8C vs Hoe Bridge

Amesbury 208/7
Hoe Bridge 261/1
On a lovely sunny afternoon the U8Cs were put in bat. They started off hitting very well and ran very aggressively between the wickets, causing us to lose a few wickets, maybe a key point to work on for next week. After 10 overs we set 208/7. Then they took to the field, they bowled to excellent line and length and forcing the batsmen to play shots. But unfortunately we lost a few to many wickets and they only lost one in their innings. But over all a very positive performance from the boys in their first ever game of cricket.
Mr Ward


Amesbury U9b vs Hoebridge U9C

It was a sunny day with terrible pitch conditions, very hard to score runs but both teams played well! Amesbury took the first innings with 273 and Hoebridge returned with 295. The better team on the day came out on top.

Report by Mr. Stephens

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