Match Report: Cranleigh Netball Festival - Thursday 9 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U8B’s Netball Cranleigh Tournament
Match 1 vs Guildford High: Won 1-0
Match 2 vs Eagle House: Draw 1-1
Match 3 vs Cranleigh: Draw 0-0
Ladies of the tournament: Alice and Abigail

This week the U8B’s were all excited for their very first netball tournament. We arrived at Cranleigh and after a super warm up the girls were straight into their first match against Guildford High. The first half saw some great rebounding by Alice in the defence D which was followed by strong passes out to her teammates. As well as this Ottilie’s strong and accurate shoulder passing to the shooters in the attacking end allowed for some close shots at goal. During the second half the ball travelled up and down the court with some great contests. A super goal by Hebe in the last minute of the game resulted in a great win for the U8B’s in their first match of the day!

The second match for the day saw the girls up against Eagle House. Great determination was shown by Honor as she chased down the loose ball on several occasions and snatched it in. Right before the half time siren Ella scored a great goal to put the U8B’S ahead 1-0 going into the second half. After a quick switch of positions the girls were back on court for the second half and they continued to give 100%. Emily marked her player tightly in defence and as a result managed to intercept several of Eagle House’s passes. Another super game girls!

The third and final match for the U8B’s was against Cranleigh and what a great match it was. Abigail’s several great intercepts in the mid court helped the girls move the ball down the court and have some very close shots at goal. Freya moved swiftly across the court as centre, dodging strongly to get away from her defender and receive the ball. In the second half the girls knew they had to give it their all. Charlotte’s continuous movement throughout the attacking D created great space for some shots at goal. Emilia applied great pressure as GK, keeping her opponents scoring opportunities to a minimum. All the girls played a fantastic game and had a lots and lots of fun. What a great afternoon of matches, a big well done to everyone!

Miss O’Sullivan


U8A Cranleigh tournament


It was a lovely sunny afternoon at Cranleigh – perfect weather for a netball tournament – and there was no doubt that the U8A’s were excited to play and show off what they have learnt throughout the year so far.

Vs Barrow Hills
Won 5-0
Lady of the match – Libby
What a way to start off the tournament! The amount of energy that the girls put into this match was outstanding. The U8A’s were quick out their centre passes and defended extremely well that they turned over a few of Barrow hills center passes. Libby worked hard to make herself open in the D and did some excellent shooting while Jess was quick to pick up any loose balls to maintain the possession of the ball. The girls worked hard and it definitely paid off.

Vs Cranleigh
Won 3-0
Lady of the match – Poppy
Round 2 and the girls were determined to get another win. Amelia did some great dodging allowing her to get the ball in the D and then scoring some amazing goals. The girls pushed themselves to get to their goal. Poppy was feisty and went for every ball that she could and Alice communicated well with everyone in her team. The U8A’s knew that Cranleigh would be a tough match but that didn’t stop them.

Vs Edgeborough
Won 4-0
Lady of the match – Annie
It was their final match of the tournament and nothing was going to stop them now! The girls took all their energy and put it into the game. Anya made strong accurate passes and Elodie stuck to her player like glue- nothing was getting passed her. Annie was on fire this match, she made exceptional interceptions, went for every opportunity to get the ball and marked her player extremely well. The movement of the ball was fast but Tilly managed to make herself open no matter what. It was a pleasure to watch and the girls should be proud!

Overall the U8A’s won their section of the tournament. They won all 3 of their matches and didn’t concede 1 goal. Their team spirit is impeccable and their fight is even better. Well done Girls, you deserve the win!

By: Miss Bussey


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