Match Report: Westbourn House Netball Tournament - Wednesday 1st November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U11A Westbourne House Tournament

It was a lovely, sunny day down at Westbourne and most definitely a perfect afternoon for netball. The girls were excited and ready for any challenge that came their way.


vs Brighton College
Lost 7-2
Lady of the match – Charlotte
The first game the girls played was against Brighton College and this was a tough match to start the tournament off with. Nevertheless, the U11’s had their heads held up high and gave everything they had. Being their first game, they started off slowly conceding a few goals in the first few minutes. Finally realising what had happened in the second half the girls definitely came back and pushed themselves. They were making stronger passes, their communication was impeccable and Laura managed to score 2 great goals. The U11’s never gave up and despite their loss, they should be proud of their performance.

vs Westbourne House Grey
Won 12-0
Lady of the match – Lucy
After their first match the girls were determined to show the other schools what they were made of and they most certainly did. The U11’s played with so much passion and enthusiasm it definitely paid off. Their timing, marking and movement was spot on. Lucy, however, put the cherry on top by scoring goals that amazed everyone around the Netball court. What a incredible game to watch!

vs Highfield
Won 6-4
Lady of the match – Jasmine
Without one ounce of energy lost the girls were ready for round 3. They had to work harder but this wasn’t a problem for the U11A’s. Defense wise the girls stuck to their players like glue. Sienna and Katie made some great interception and worked extremely hard at getting the rebounds to turn over play. Raphy did some great defending, really putting the other team under pressure and she never gave up. It was a tight match but the girls pulled through and took the win.

vs Westbourne House Red
Won 13-1
Lady of the match – Sienna
It was our fourth match and at this point the girls were playing outstanding netball. They were quick out of their centre passes allowing them to take the lead early into the match. There was good movement of the ball from one side of the court to the other. Jasmine was quick to pick up any loose balls and communicated with the shooters extremely well, making it easier for us to get in and around the D. Lyla moved into spaces in order to make herself available for any passes by doing great dodges. Another great win girls!

vs Westbourne House A
Won 4-2
Lady of the match – Katie
The final match of the tournament for Amesbury and the pressure was on! The ball managed to find its way back and forth on the court while both teams were doing their best to keep possession of the ball. The girls fought for the ball and made accurate strong passes. The shooters took every opportunity they had resulting in 3 lovely goals being scored by Charlotte.

Overall it was a lovely afternoon with some fantastic netball being played. Throughout the whole tournament Amesbury scored 37 goals – the shooters were on fire! Watching these girls from the sidelines is an absolute pleasure. They are an enthusiastic, supportive, friendly team and motivated each other on the court as well as from the sideline. Well done to the whole squad on their fantastic performance!

By: Miss Bussey

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