Match Reports: Thursday 12th October 2017 - Amesbury School
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U9B V Churchers
Lost 4-2
Players player: Lily
Lady of the match: Meredith

A fabulous netball match for the U9B girls. From the starting whistle they looked strong, passed with fluency and control down the court, showing lots of fire in their belly. Sophie very soon had a shot on goal making the score 1-0 to Amesbury. The girls had really remembered to mark the ball well with arms stretched up over the ball. Francesca intercepted the ball with confidence followed by a strong pass to Meredith. Tamzi, Victoria and Lily all worked well in centre court and really went for the ball with determination. At half time the girls were winning 2-1 and were still playing beautifully with excellent catching. In the third quarter the girls started to lose that fire they had from the start so it was time to really dig deep and get it back again. In the last quarter the girls worked hard together. Lily really started to mark her player well, making it difficult for her to receive the ball. Francesca and Meredith worked well in the D, marking both their players and the ball well. Unfortunately Churchers scored another 3 goals making the final score 4-2 to them. However, a brilliant game played by Amesbury girls. They demonstrated excellent passing, intercepting with confidence and some lovely movement around the court. Well done girls.  Mrs Williams


Amesbury U8D VI Football vs Felton Fleet
Score: 1-3
It was a bright sunny day when the Amesbury U8Ds took to the field to face Felton Fleet. Felton Fleet looked like a physical side and certainly went hard into their challenges. This did not deter the Amesbury team who, despite being a smaller team, demonstrated some great courage and determination.

The match was split into quarters which gave the Amesbury team plenty of time to regroup and assess how they were doing. They did extremely well to recognise where they could improve and as the match progressed began to play the ball wider and wider.

Having conceded 2 goals in the first quarter, it was testament to the determination of the boys that in the remaining 3 quarters they only concede 1 more goal and as the final whistle was being blown, they managed to score a great team goal.

The final score of 1-3 really did not do justice to the quality of play on display. A fantastic effort from the whole team. Mr Balcombe


U8B Netball vs GHS
W 2-1
Players’ player- Elodie Walton

This was a close match with all of the girls giving 100%. It is clear that they are beginning to have a better understanding of the game and their confidence is growing as a result. Amesbury worked hard to mark their players and were starting to get free for the ball. Although spacing is an area for improvement, the girls worked effectively as a team to get the ball down to our shooters. Some lovely interplay around the D enabled GA and GS to have several shots on goal.

The second half was much closer, with both Amesbury and Guildford making some changes. The last quarter was very tight with Amesbury just managing to keep Guildford from converting enough chances, meaning that the score finished 2-1 in Amesbury’s favour. A great afternoon of netball with a fantastic crowd of parents supporting both teams, regardless of which school their daughter’s went to.  Miss Toynton.


U8B’s vs Yateley Manor and Feltonfleet
Score: Amesbury 0 vs 0 Yateley Manor, Amesbury 0 vs 1 Feltonfleet
On an unusually warm day for October the U8B’s had a triangular tournament against Yateley Manor and Feltonfleet. The first game was a tireless game with the boys going end to end but unfortunately with little opportunities from either team. In the second game the boys had a lot better shape and attacked brilliantly out wide. A very strong Feltonfleet side sadly picked up a goal. Credit to the boys they dug deep and didn’t stop. They kept to the game plan but they couldn’t finish two very good opportunities. The game finished well but sadly the 1-0 deficit couldn’t be recovered. Amesbury boys enjoyed the day and can take lots of positives away.   Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Under 8C Football v Yately Manor and Felton Fleet

The Amesbury under 8 C’s competed in a triangular series on Thursday the 12th of October against Yately Manor and Felton Fleet under 8 C’s respectively.

I’m extremely proud to say that both fixtures for Amesbury ended in spectacular victories. In the first game against Yately Manor Amesbury were victorious 2 goals to 0 and the second game Amesbury were victorious once again as they breezed passed Felton Fleet 4 goals to 0.

The main focus of the day was sticking to positions which the boys really understood as they all did so in both games. It was clearly noted that every player did their absolute best and attack as well as defence did their jobs and the boys were proud to mention so.

Really good day for the Amesbury under 8 C sided. Boys to get 2 house points each from me for their performance.  Mr  Brown


Amesbury U9A Football v Feltonfleet U9A
Score: 0 v 3
Amesbury we still very much on the bus for this game and were not at the races. A good Feltonfleet team took advantage of just playing Yateley are were up for this match. We had limited chances to score and were often caught in possession or not taking the best option to pass to team mates who were in better positions and in space. An area of development for all the boys.
Mr Alesbrook


Amesbury U9A Football v Yateley Manor U9A
Score: 0 v 1
Amesbury improved their performance for the second of the triangular match against Yateley Manor. With a few down faces before the game it was a testament to their character to bounce back. The game was even for most of the match and Amesbury had more chances to score than in the first match. The common theme of passing to others was still apparent but some good crosses from out wide enabled us to threaten the goal. An outstanding strike from Yateley deep into the second half meant that we didn’t have time to fight back and get the equalising goal. A tough day at the office compared to previous weeks but plenty to learn from.  Mr Alesbrook


U10B Netball vs Felton Fleet
Draw 3-3
Players player: Jazzy

The U10B’s were all very excited this week for their match against Felton Fleet, and to make things even better the threatening rain held off just long enough for them all to stay dry during the match. From the very first whistle it was clear that a tough and exciting match was in store! At the end of the first quarter the score was still 0-0. The ball travelled up and down the court with both teams having some very near shots at goal. Fantastic movement and strong, accurate passing was seen by both Daisy and Maia in the mid court, helping Amesbury move the ball up towards the attacking end. By half time the score was 3-1: some super shooting from both Isobel and Amelia was the result of this lead. Throughout the match Jazzy and Isabelle put the pressure on in the defensive D, both performing some skillful interceptions and keeping Felton Fleet’s score to a minimum. Rebecca showed great determination while chasing down any loose balls and snatching them in quickly, while the whole team’s marking was superb. The girl’s all worked very hard and had a great match. Well done!

Miss O’Sullivan


U8A Netball v GHS
Score 8-2
Players player: Anya

The team were every excited for their first away match of the season against Guildford High School. Although the girls have continued to progress and produce strong results in their previous matches, we knew that GHS would be a tough fixture. However Amesbury had the slight advantage as this was to be GHS first match. The girls capitalised on this advantage, with confident dodging and movement into space, this resulted in the ball travelling quickly down the caught to the two shooters who, after good practice in training, managed to score 8 goals. This was further aided by the strong defence by GK and GD, who limited the opportunists for the GHS shooters to receive the ball in their attacking third, resulting in only 2 goals being scored. The girls focused well on the key points which we talked about in the pre-match talk, such as snatching in the ball, and sticking to their opponents. Along with some impressive, well timed interceptions, the team were able to gain possession of the ball for the majority of the match, helping to secure the win. However there are still some key areas which the girls know they need to work hard on in training, such as stronger shoulder passes and clean footwork, to ensure that they continue their winning streak. Having said this the energy and determination the girls showed throughout the match was outstanding, well done girls, another great result!

Miss Donaldson


U8A football Vs Yateley Manor and Feltonfleet
1-0 and 1-0.
It was a bright and sunny afternoon for this triangular series of matches against Yateley and Feltonfleet. First up was Yateley and the team started strongly with some fantastic passing and movement up the pitch, this allied to some hefty defensive work, allowed the team to build pressure and win the game 1-0.
In the second match against Feltonfleet, the team again started strongly but the opposition were also of better quality and despite some excellent skills and passing they could not initially get onto the scoreboard but eventually they managed to sneak one past the keeper after some good link play. The score remained 1-0 for the remainder of the game.
Mr Randall

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