Match Reports - Thursday 14 June 2018 - Amesbury School
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Amesbury U8B vs Felton Fleet U8B


Amesbury: 255 runs
Felton Fleet: 227 runs

The girls arrived at Felton Fleet with positive attitudes and eager excitement for their first proper game of cricket. After weeks of learning the rules, skills and practices of cricket during games lessons the girls were finally going to put their new knowledge and skills to the test.

Alice M, who captained the team, opened the bowling. After a few warm up bowls Alice was able to get the hang of it and demanded a very competitive start to the game. Freya, as wicket keeper prevented the opposition from gaining unnecessary runs with good communication skills and quick thinking. Out in the field, Maisie utilised the long barrier fielding technique, which the girls had been practicing during their lessons, to prevent any boundaries being scored. Ella was very close to running 2 of the opposition team members out within 1 over with her strong and accurate throwing skills. After a few overs of getting used to the game Emily came into bowl. The ball nearly hit the stumps on multiple occasions due to Emily’s fantastic technique and accuracy. Abigail, on her last bowl, ran one of the opposing batters out with her quick thinking and her speed.

Felton Fleet managed to score 31 runs during their 11 overs, however due to the run out they lost 5. Therefore, Felton Fleet’s final score was 226.

Alice M and Freya opened the batting very competitively. A number of boundaries were hit within the first over – ensuring an encouraging start to the second innings. Honour proved to be a big risk taker on the pitch, Emily and Honour as a pair increased our run score dramatically during their 2 overs. Charlotte was an excellent and enthusiastic cheerleader on the sideline, cheering on her teammates whilst they were batting with great enthusiasm. Alice Yule, partnered with Elodie, hit countless boundaries during their 2 overs of batting. Emelia hit the ball very hard and high during her overs, her speed during her running helped to accumulate lots of runs.

Amesbury finished their batting with a very impressive score of 255, resulting in an encouraging win.

The girls should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and hard work in their first proper game of cricket. From the encouragement and cheering on the sideline when their teammates were batting to their alertness and focused nature whilst they were fielding, the girls put on a spectacular show that they should be very proud of. The girls, after their enjoyable game will hopefully have a renewed enthusiasm for cricket. Well done girls!

Miss Stals


Amesbury U8A’s boys cricket v Eagle House

Score: Amesbury 102-2, Eagle House 99-3

Amesbury v Eagle House is always a great fixture and this didn’t disappoint. Amesbury opened the batting and went out at a furicious speed batting well and running between the wicket appropriately. With a particular focus on looking after the wicket it was great to see the boys play sensibly and communicate well. Eagle House worked hard and in the last few overs picked up a couple of wickets. At the interval the boys posted a score of 102-2, a daunting score for any side. Eagle House came out to bat and the boys worked hard at not giving away cheap extras. It was a gusty wind and some took a few balls to hit their line but the quality of fielding was excellent. The opening bowlers kept Eagle House at bay for most the match but as it came to the death we started to see what they were capable of. With an over to go Eagle House needed 20 to win. A couple of fours left the final ball requiring 6. Wide ball (2 runs and a T ball)…hit with some venom straight to point. No run. Amesbury win. Really happy for the boys and impressed with their control.

Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Amesbury U8C’s boys cricket v Eagle House

Score: Amesbury 58-1, Eagle House 72-1

Amesbury v Eagle House is always a fabulous game. Two evenly matched teams took to the field to bat and bowl and field to the best of their abilities. The challenge of bowling which is a complex skill means that the use of the batting Tee is a useful way of the batters hitting a front foot drive. The in turn then allows the fielders to learn the long and short barriers required to stop the ball.
Amesbury batted first and did exceptionally well to only lose 1 wicket (-5 runs). Steady scoring allowed us to reach 58 runs. Eagle House then batted and a strong end to their innings meant that they scrapped past Amesbury’s score and made 72.
Good effort by all, well done.

Report by: Mr Alesbrook


U9A Girl’s cricket vs Felton Fleet
Result lost by 2 runs

On a sunny afternoon, the U9As were keen and raring to go. After a couple of matches already under their belt, as well as some excellent coaching sessions from Greyshott Cricket Club, the girls were confident that they could compete with Felton Fleet.

Felton Fleet won the toss and put Amesbury in to bat. The girls were initially surprised by Some quick and accurate bowling from Felton Fleet but they dug in and tried to score some runs. Although a couple of wickets fell due to full and straight balls, the boundaries flowed. The running between the wickets was particularly good and Amesbury set a decent total of 260.

The sides then swapped over and Amesbury took to the field. From the off, the progress that has been made this term was evident with some lovely bowling preventing Felton Fleet from racing away. Later in the innings, Felton Fleet put together a couple of strong batting partnerships and it was turning into a very close game. Wickets fell regularly with some excellent fielding from the deep resulting in a couple of run outs.

At the start of the last over Felton Fleet needed 2 runs to win. Isobel K bravely stepped up to bowl the last over. She bowled 2 dots to start. The third ball was hit for 1 and then as the batters went for their second run, Amesbury ran them out. This meant that Amesbury led by 2 runs with 3 balls left. The next ball was hit for 4. Amesbury needed a wicket with 2 balls left. The 5th ball was a dot. The match came down to the last ball- Isobel bowled an excellent ball and the batter edged it and everyone watched as the ball rolled towards the stumps and then stopped just shy of hitting the wickets!

Felton Fleet won by 2 runs but it was an excellent performance by Amesbury and one that is an encouraging of things to come next year. Well done!

Miss Toynton


Girls U9 B v Feltonfleet at Amesbury School

Amesbury won
288 runs to 277

Lady of the Match: Neve
Batter of the Match: Francesca
Fielder of the Match: Emily

It was a beautiful afternoon her for the first ever Girls U9 B cricket match to played by Amesbury on the school grounds. Francesca, the captain, won the toss and elected to field first and from the start kept her team mates focused on the field, encouraging them to keep alert and stop the ball. The Feltonfleet team had some strong batters scoring some quick 4’s on the first few balls. Amesbury quickly adjusted their fielding positions and were able to keep the runs down to singles. Neve bowled very well without any wides and was alert at all times in the field. Vicky had a particularly successful over in which she made 3 wickets. Emily was a strong fielder stopping a lot of 4’s and making some good decisions about where to throw the ball. Both Lily and Meredith bowled with more confidence and accuracy and Lily took a wicket.

When the Amesbury team came into bat they demonstrated their new skills with confidence. Claudia was particularly strong scoring three 4’s in two overs. Emily and Francesca made a successful partnership scoring many singles and not losing a wicket. All in all the girls really enjoyed the match and I was pleased to see how much they have learned over the Trinity Term

Miss Godet

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