Match Reports: Thursday 15 March 2018 - Amesbury School
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U8D Amesbury Hockey vs Edgeborough U8D


It was a tough last match for the U10D.  With the sun shining down on them it looked good for the first 5 minutes going 1-0 up. The game slipped out of their reach as it got to the final whistle with the score being 5-1 to Edgeborough. The boys played with good enthusiasm and I cannot wait till next season.

Mr Stephens


U8C Amesbury Hockey vs Edgeborough U8C


Last game for the boys, played with a lot of effort to maintain a 1-0 lead till the second half. The team played with great energy and were lucky to have a bit of sun shining down. It wasn’t until late 2nd half when Edgeborough pinched 2 sneaky goals to come out with a win.

Mr Stephens


U8A Hockey Tournament

The girls were all very excited as we left Amesbury this afternoon and journeyed down to PGS playing fields. When we arrived the sun was shining and the girls were ready to play. They did a great long warm up and couldn’t wait to begin their first match. The U8 A’s played 6, 5 a side matches, each match went for 7 minutes. The girls played great as a team and really enjoyed the tournament.

Game 1: Amesbury v Twyford

Score: 3-1 won

The girls played a great first game against Twyford. Libby Jess and Annie were passing and working well together up front scoring some great goals. Anya and Amelia were tackling with their sticks down and clearing the ball wide. The girls worked well as a team and played a really great first match.

Game 2: Amesbury v Churches A

Score: 0-0

Amesbury played yet another great match against Churches A. The girls got stuck in and were running the ball up the pitch really well. Poppy and Hebe were working hard up front and had many great shots at goal however Churches defenders didn’t let the ball through. Tilly was marking Churches players well and clearing the ball wide. This was another well played match by Amesbury as the girls had all the attacking play.

Game 3: Amesbury v Brookham A

Score: 2-0 won

The U8 A team were really determined in this match. They worked together as a team and scored some great goals. The girls used the whole pitch and were passing well and wide to each other. Amesbury was ready and were tackling Brookhams attackers brilliantly. Again the girls had great possession of the ball during the match. Well played girls.

Game 4: Amesbury v PGS Blue

Score: 4-0 won

Amesbury girls played another great match against PGS blue. During this match the girls were working on taking a shot as soon as the entered the D which they did and as a result scored great goals. We saw some really strong passes from the girls which was great to see as we have been working on passing back and wide at training. Great work girls.

Game 5: Amesbury v Barrow Hills

Score: 2-1 won

The match against Barrow Hills was a close game as Barrow Hills scored a goal fairly quickly. The girls worked extremely hard to defend Barrow Hills attackers and clear the ball wide out of the D. As the Amesbury girls worked together we saw them score a quick couple of goals. The girls were hungry for the ball and worked really hard the entire match.

Game 6: Amesbury v PGS Red

Score: 3-0 won

The match against PGS red was an excellent match played by Amesbury. The U8 girls had great possession of the ball and had great shots at goal. The girls worked really well together in their final match. They were tackling really well and then passing the ball wide to each other. We saw some really great team work during this match. The U8 A team walked off the pitch with great big smiles on their faces! Well played girls!

The U8 A girls had a lot of fun at the tournament today. They played extremely well and worked really well as a team. Great work girls!

Miss Phillips


Amesbury U8B’s boys hockey v Edgeborough

Score: Amesbury 1 v 2 Edgeborough

In the penultimate game of the season the U8B’s faced a strong Edgeborough side. The opening exchanges were quick, giving little time to settle into the game. Edgeborough soon got the opening goal and as the pressure mounted they capitalised with another goal not long before half time. The half time break was a great chance for the boys to stop, self assess and make a new plan. In the second half it was like a new team as the boys carefully attacked wider, pushed up further in defence and looked for passes into space. It wasn’t long before they rattled Edgeborough and a quick free pass was taken and expertly crossed with a calm finish from inside the D. A great goal and clear sign of great improvement. The boys suddenly had a spring in their step and if it wasn’t for the final whistle coming frustratingly early an equaliser was on the cards. A great game by all.

Report by: Mr O’Reilly


U8 Girls’ A & B Teams v Ripley Court
U9 Girls’ A & B Teams v Ripley Court

U8 A lost 0-3 Lady of Match – Honor
U8 B lost 0-3 lady of Match – Emilia P

U9 A won 6-1 Lady of Match – Florence
U9 B won 2-0 – Lady of Match – Claudia

All games at Ripley Court were played on grass so a different type of game was played compared to usual astro matches. The Amesbury U8 teams struggled to get the ball moving and away from the Ripley Court team members and found the style of hockey very difficult. In the U8 matches the following girls stood out as having made an extra effort to keep the ball moving on grass, Honor, Ella, Maisie, Alice M, Alice Y, Freya, Charlotte, Emily and Abigail.

The U9 games were more even with the Amesbury teams show much determination to keep the ball moving and away from the Ripley Court teams. In the A game Florence scored 4 goals and Ysabel scored 2 goals. In the B game Claudia scored 2 goals. The main difference in the U9 games is that the Amesbury players showed their experience and were able to pass the ball around the field and dribble with it to avoid the Ripley Court team. In the U9 A game Amesbury dominated the playing and had an easy win.

Miss Godet


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