Match Reports: Thursday 16 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U8A Netball v The Royal
Won: 8-0

Players Player: Jess A

The U8As were excited to play on Thursday afternoon, they warmed up well and were looking forward to the match against the Royal. They played the first quarter with amazing accuracy of passing, good footwork and some super goals from Libby and Amelia, the score was 6-0. There was a slight change of position in the second quarter and 2 more great goals to take the score to 8-0 at half time. There was great marking from Anya and Annie, fast dodges from Tilly, Poppy and Jessica. The ball travelled down the court seamlessly and they played with wonderful team spirit. In the second half there were lots of swapping around positions which was good for them to experience and even though they were in new positions, there was still a high level of performance from the team. Well played the U8As.

Mrs Page


U8B Netball v The Royal
Score: 5-0
Players Player: Alice Y
Lady of the Match: Elodie

The girls were ready to put in a strong performance against The Royal this afternoon. All players were focused on putting into the game what they had been working hard on during training. All the girls demonstrated great use of a variety of dodges to get free to receive the ball. This meant that the team were able to gain position of the ball for the majority of the match, and with some strong, accurate passes were able to move the ball down the court to the two shooters with ease. Some confident shooting from both GS and GA resulted in Amesbury entering the second half leading 3-0. Some excellent work, and well timed interceptions in defence limited the possession on the ball for The Royal and meant that Amesbury were able to increase their lead for a final score of 5-0. The girls showed real grit and determination to win possession of the ball throughout the match which enabled them to win against a very strong opposition. Well done girls a great result!

Miss Donaldson


U8C Netball v The Royal
Score: 9-3
Players Player: Ella
Lady of the Match: Emily

What a tough game the U8c’s had this afternoon against a very strong opposition. The girls worked hard throughout the match to find space on the court to receive the ball. This allowed Amesbury to move the ball well through the centre third. However the girls were unlucky in not being able to successfully pass the final ball into the shooting D, to allow the two shooters to have opportunities to score. Having said this all the girls showed some impressive marking, which made it difficult for the Royal attack to get free and receive the ball. The girls have been working hard on this during training so we were very pleased to see the girls using these skills in a match. Amesbury’s passing improved throughout the match in both power and accuracy, which made it easier for the team to move the ball down the court. Both the shooters showed confidence in shooting from a variety of distances, and were able to score 3 goals in the match. The girls should be very proud of their performance this afternoon as they showed great determination and energy, which was helped by the very enthusiastic side line support! Well done girls a great performance.

Miss Donaldson


U9B Netball vs The Royal School
Lost 2-19
Players player: Maisy
Lady of the Match: Lily

The U9B’s had a home match against The Royal School this week. Although it was a tough match for the girls it was fantastic to see them all playing hard and giving 100% until the very last whistle. After a quick warmup the match was underway. Maisy showed great commitment, chasing down any loose balls and quickly snatching them in before the opposition could. As well as this, Tamzi drove strongly for the ball and continuously showed off her perfect land, balance, throw technique.
At the end of the first quarter the score was 1-4. During the second quarter Sophie moved swiftly through the D to create space which allowed her to take some very close shots at goal. Victoria’s strong and accurate shoulder passing moved the ball quickly down the court to Amesbury’s attacking end. At half time the score was 1-8. Going into the second half Amesbury knew they had to keep trying their hardest and Lily showed this brilliantly, marking her player tightly and taking several great intercepts in the mid-court. Going into the last quarter The Royal School had a significant lead on the U9B’s but the girls didn’t let the score bother them and instead kept fighting for the ball. Merry and Francesca worked well together in the defensive D, sticking tightly to their players and taking some great rebounds under the goal. Although the girls didn’t come away with a win they all showed great teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the whole match. Well done girls!

Miss O’Sullivan


U8C’s Rugby v Cranleigh
Score: Amesbury 9-8 Cranleigh Prep
For the opening game of the season all you can hope for is the boys to have fun, and they did that. The boys played with smiles on their faces and really got involved in the game. The opening half was dictated too by the quality of footwork and speed in attack. The half closed 5-5 with Amesbury only managing one tag. The second half the boys really targeted their defence and showed good composure winning the turnover by forcing Cranleigh into attacking errors. As the game tightened up it was Amesbury who came out on top scoring five try’s to Cranleigh’s four. A great finish to the match and start to the season.
Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Girls U 11A Netball V Highfield

Lost 13 – 9

Players player: Jasmine
Lady of the Match: Katie

The girls played a very closely fought match against Highfield. From the outset the ball was going from end to end with both teams charging around trying to establish a lead. Highfield had an extremely good shooter who did score at every opportunity so after the first quarter they were leading 4 – 2.

The teams were evenly matched although we tended to give away a few loose balls and not fight as hard to win possession when the ball was rolling around the court. It was wet and slippery but then it was the same for both teams.

Highfield managed to maintain their lead, always keeping ahead by two or three goals. Lucy and Laura were occasionally too far away from goal to shoot but both listened to coaching points and threw the ball back out the Jasmine or Lyla thereby gaining a better position for shooting. Support around the circle and in mid field was excellent with Jasmine, Charlotte and Lyla working well together. Some weak passes were intercepted by the opposition who were quick to capitalise on our mistakes. Sienna and Katie did a sterling job in defence although they needed another 6 inches to counter the height of the GA.

The game itself was played in great spirit, demonstrating some strong performances notable from Katie and latterly Laura who ran into space and seemed to be covering a lot of ground, helping to get the ball down to court. It was a pleasure to umpire and watch as you could see real potential and a more mature level of play as they have got further into the netball season.

Match Report by Mrs Crathern


U10A Rugby v Seaford

On Wednesday the 15th of November the under 10A Amesbury rugby side took on Seaford College under 10A. Both teams were talented but the Amesbury team clearly wanted it more as they ended up winning the fixture 7 tries to 1. The boys put in a tremendous effort.

A great way to start the season and by the looks of things it’s going to be a good one.

Mr Brown


Under 9C Rugby vs Hall Grove

Amesbury 13 tries, Hall Grove 3 tries

This was a memorable opening performance by the Under 9C team. From the start the boys displayed skill and determination which simply overwhelmed the opposition. George set the scene, running hard and fast to score a number of tries. Before the end of the match all the boys had crossed the try line at least once. The tackling was also very impressive. Well done on a great team performance.

Report by Mr Donaldson

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