Match Reports: Thursday 19th October 2017 - Amesbury School
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U9B Netball vs Pennthorpe
Won 8-2
Players’ player: Claudia


Despite the u9 girls being exhausted and a few having severe case of ‘half-termitis’ an energetic game of netball took place. Amesbury started well and got into space effectively, which, when coupled with excellent marking, meant that Amesbury had the majority of possession and led 2-0 at half time.

In the second half the fantastic play continued. The ball quickly travelled from the centre pass to our shooters who were on fine form and scored 4 goals in the 3rd quarter. The girls, excited by parental support, continued to put 100% right until the end and finished up winning 8-2. Well done all!

Miss Toynton


U9A Netball v Penthorpe
Score: 9-0
Lady of the Match: Florence
Players Player: Ysabel

Despite the rather damp and windy conditions the U9A’s were determined to win their last match before half term against Penthorpe. The girls had plenty of time to complete a thorough warm up, as well as focus on areas which they all needed to work hard on during the match, such as marking their opponents tightly and snatching the ball in. Throughout the game the girls were able to use strong shoulder passes as well as moving into space to allow the ball to be moved quickly up the court to the shooters. Both the GA and GS capitalised on these many opportunities to score during the game, resulting in a total of 9 goals. The defence and mid court players worked hard to intercept the ball, allowed Amesbury to have position for the majority of the match. However there are still areas the girls need to work on before their matches after half term. Having said this I am very impressed with the girls positive attitude throughout the match, even when they were in different positions to normal in the final quarter. Well done girls, another great result!  Miss Donaldson


Amesbury U8A and Football v Edgeborough

Score 7-1 Win

What a way to end the season for Amesbury with a 7-1 victory against Edgeborough. This was a superb performance from goalkeeper right to centre forward. Excellent attacking running from James and Harry in midfield, whilst Cameron was tireless upfront in trying to create a number of chances for the home side. This was soon rewarded with a well taken goal by James. Meanwhile, Max was fantastic in defence stopping many chances and clearing the ball out wide to his teammates. The floodgates opened for Amesbury in the first half as Cameron scored a quick hatrick and James grabbed his second of the game with a great header outside the box. Congratulation to the team for a brilliant final performance and a good football season. 7-1 win.

Report by: Mr Tribe


U8C’s Football v Edgeborough
Score: Amesbury 0-4 Edgeborough
For the final game of the season was a great chance to show off all the progress over the term, sadly Edgeborough didn’t stick to the script. It was a tough encounter. The opening exchanges were thrilling with some superb passing from the Amesbury boys offering a couple of great opportunities. Unfortunately Edgeborough held strong and in the final few minutes of the half a long range effort went flying past our keeper. It’s was a real blow to the first half team who didn’t deserve the result. Amesbury second half team then took to the field and enjoyed some great time on the ball, dribbling out wide. Sadly they couldn’t find the final cross or threaten the goal. A couple of long range attempts went wide and Edgeborough started to build pressure. In quick succession 3 goals went in leaving the boys a mountain to climb. The whistle beat them and although it wasn’t the result they would have liked they did all have fun.
Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Amesbury U9A VI Football v Edgeborough

Score: 1-1

It was a chilly day and it had been trying to rain all day which meant the surface would be greasy and the ball would be skidding around.

The first half saw both Amesbury and Edgeborough play end to end football with some crunching tackles and beautiful skill being displayed by every player on the pitch despite the slippery conditions underfoot. Towards the end of the second half Edgeborough managed to break through the Amesbury defence and score. The first half ended 0-1.

The second half was even more exciting to watch then the first. Amesbury, determined not to go away without scoring kept piling on the pressure until finally they were rewarded with a well deserved goal. Further attempts to to score the winner missed by millimetres however, had it not been for some quite spectacular defensive work from the Amesbury boys, Edgeborough would surely have scored a winner.

A 1-1 draw was the only fair result for one of the most exceptional games of football I have had the pleasure of watching all season.

Report by: Mr Balcombe


U8A Netball vs Dunannie
Won 6-3
Lady of the Match: Poppy

For their final match before half term break the U8A’s played against Dunannie. From the very first whistle all the girls tried their absolute hardest and worked well as a team. At the end of the first quarter the score was 2-0 to Amesbury. Libby’s impressive shooting, followed by some great rebounds, helped the girls take this early lead. Well timed intercepts by Annie in defence limited Dunannie’s opportunities at scoring. At half time the score was 4-2. Poppy and Anya both marked their players tightly in the D which made it challenging for Dunannie to score. In the attacking end Hebe moved swiftly through the D, creating space to receive the ball. The third quarter saw Amesbury score two more goals, bringing their lead to 6-2. It was great to see all the girls displaying super determination for the ball, chasing down any loose balls. Jessica did some strong shoulder passing, helping the U8A’s move the ball towards the D, which was then followed up with an awesome goal by Alice. During the final quarter the girls knew that they still had to work hard. Tilly displayed super dodging and leading for the ball, giving her teammates passing options, while Elodie’s jumping for the ball in the D resulted in strong rebounds. Another great game of netball girls. Well done!

Miss O’Sullivan


U8B Netball vs Dunannie
Won 6-0
Players player – Amelia
Lady of the match – Ella

What an amazing day of netball. The U8B’s put all their energy into the game and played exceptionally well. The girls made accurate, strong passes from one side of the court to the other and marked their opponents so well that Amesbury obtained 90% of the possession. The U8B’s made some great interceptions and worked hard from the beginning all the way to the end of the match. They were feisty and motivated each other thought the match. Well done girls, that was a well deserved win! Miss Bussey


U9B Football v Edgeborough
Won 7-1

The U9s finished their season on a high, dominating their final game from start to finish. Liam, Angus and Thomas put the opposition under loads of pressure from the first whistle and hassled to win the ball back. Once we did, they combined well and took an early lead. This intensity and quality of passing play continued throughout the first half, with Alfie and Angus managing to give us a 3-1 lead at half time.

The same continued in the second half, with Samuel and Fin showing great defending at the back to win the ball and set our midfield away on more attacks. Alfie made a couple of great saves to keep the opposition at bay, whilst Thomas scored a great goal to get on the team sheet. Angus continued to impress, and finished the game with 5 goals to his name.

Great performance all round, and an excellent way to finish the football season.

Mr Rouse

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