Match Reports: Thursday 23 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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Amesbury U9A  v Edgeborough U9A Rugby

Score: 1-8

What a game! The first thing to say is that the score line does not do any justice to the intensity that the Amesbury boys played the game at.

It was evident from the first whistle that Edgeborough were strong and well drilled. They also had been feeding their team plenty of Weetabix as they had some big players. However, undeterred by the size and strength Amesbury put in some thumping tackles and storming runs, forcing some handling errors and breaking the Edgeborough line on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately, Edgeborough went into half time 4 trys up. The second half saw an Amesbury team fired up to score and determined not to allow Edgeborough any easy points. Edgeborough again managed to score 4 trys but Amesbury did not make it easy for them and towards the end of the second half Amesbury eventually crashed through for a well-deserved try.

As already stated, the 1-8 score line did not do justice to the incredible attitude and team spirt displayed by all the players.

Report by: Mr Balcombe


U9B Netball vs Ripley Court
Draw 4-4
Players player: Francesca
Lady of the Match: Maisy
The U9B’s were all very excited this week for their match against Ripley Court. The girls all played hard and worked fantastically as a team which was great to see. After a quick warm up the girls got straight into their match. At Amesbury’s attacking end both Sophie and Maisy did a fantastic job at driving strongly through the D to get the ball. This opened up space and resulted in some great goals scored. Going into the second quarter the score was 3-2. The ball was constantly moving up and down the court and the U9B’s showed great commitment, chasing down and snatching in any loose balls. In the defensive D Francesca and Merry worked hard to mark their players tightly, making it difficult for many scoring opportunities to arise. By half time the score was even at 3-3. The third quarter saw both teams score 1 goal, keeping the scores even at 4-4. Lily did some super strong and accurate shoulder passes through the centre court, helping move the ball down towards Amesbury’s attacking end. Although no more goals were scored in the final quarter the girls put in 100% until the very end. Clever and skilful dodging was performed by Victoria and Tamzi, helping them get free from their defenders and providing their teammates with lots of passing opportunities. It was great to see another super game by the U9B’s as they constantly improve each week. Well done girls!
Miss O’Sullivan
U8B netball vs U8A Ripley Court 
Lost 3-0
Players player – Alice M
Lady of the match – Elodie
It was a nippy afternoon down at Ripley Court. Nevertheless the girls stuck it out and put a great amount of energy into their game. Overall there was great marking from all the girls causing some held ball, allowing us to regain possession. Abigail and Alice M made some great interceptions. Elodie managed to snatch the ball extremely well and made sure that she got it every time. Alice Y as well as Freya were good at moving into spaces and making themselves open. Ella stuck to her player like glue, not leaving her side for one second. On the other hand Hebe moved around the D extremely well by making exceptional dodges. The girls started off slowly while they were getting into the swing of things but towards the end they all got more feisty and were egar to get possession of the ball. Despite the loss, the U8’s played extremely well and really fought for it right to the very end. Well done girls, you should be proud of your performance.
Miss Bussey

U8C Netball vs Ripley Court U8B
Result: L 7-0
Lady: Emilia
Player: Honor

It was a cold autumnal day and the U8Cs took on the Ripley Court B team. Ripley court were strong from the first whistle and Amesbury had to work hard to keep up with them. The girls struggled to keep motivated in the cold and with Ripley court playing some fluid netball, the girls had to dig deep.

Despite the score line, which was always in Ripley court’s favour, I was impressed with the way that the girls tried to implement the work we have done in games lessons. Emilia and Honor worked particularly hard and were nominated as the player and lady of the match.

Miss Toynton

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