Match Reports: Thursday 30 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U9A netball v Barrow Hills
Won: 7-3

It was a freezing afternoon so we decided to play the netball match in the Sports Hall. The first quarter the U9 A team took the lead 4-1, there was some excellent shooting from Ysobel and Emily. The second quarter was more challenging and there was only one goal scored, Millie, Florence and Claudia threw with strong and accurate shoulder passes. The third quarter the lead stretched to 7-2, Barrow Hills worked hard and didn’t give up! However, the U9A team persevered and worked brilliantly as a team.

In the final quarter Barrow Hills scored one goal to take the final score to 7-3. Chloe and Isobel jumped and snatched the ball with commitment throughout the match. Tamzi joined the team at half time as WA, she found space on the court and really helped the A team. The whole team has improved its marking and shoulder passes, a great performance.

Mrs Page


U8C Netball V Barrow Hills
Score: 2-0
Players Player: Ottilie
Lady of the Match: Honor

The U8C proved how much they have improved this term with their performance this afternoon against Barrow Hills. Despite having very cold hands, the girls were able to link some strong passes together to move the ball down the court, as well as snatching in the ball, which is a skill they have been working hard on during training. Along with some confident movement into space this allowed the girls to move the ball to the shooting third, where both shooters had some excellent goes at goal.

Unfortunately the Barrow Hills defence was very strong, with a tall GD and GK, making it difficult for out attack to receive the ball in the D and score a goal. Some well timed interceptions by our defenders allowed for Amesbury to gain the majority of the possession. The girls have also demonstrated improvement in basic areas such as footwork and dodging, which is great to see after only having started netball in September.

Although the U8C’s were not able to win this afternoon, they should be very pleased with how they performed, showing real grit and determination despite the wintery conditions. Well done girls and great effort!

Miss Donaldson


U8 rugby v Barrow Hills


In what could only be described as baltic conditions as we travelled to Barrow Hills to play in a festival of rugby. Five mixed teams were picked and all the boys were able to play. This was due to the availability and of Barrow Hills. The decision to play everybody and make FUN the key aspect was the right decision, even if the weather didn’t play its part. The Barrow Hills boys joined in and three teams (Blacks, Stripes and Bibs) played in a round robin 10 minute match tournament. There were some great examples of team play happening with passes to boys in space and attacking where the defenders had been drawn out of position. A good advert for tag rugby and my thanks to the parents who braved the conditions to come and support. I am sure you didn’t come and watch in the cold conditions just for the bacon sandwich at match teas!!

Report by: Mr Alesbrook


U8A V Barrow Hill
Won 9-1
Lady of the match: Amelia
Plays player: Libby

A cold and bitter afternoon for the U8A girls at Barrow Hills. From the starting whistle they were keen and motivated to play their absolute best. In the first quarter the girls scored 4 goals with Amelia really on fire with her shooting. Libby and Amelia played brilliantly together with excellent team work and movement in and around the D. In the second quarter the girls scored another 3 goals between them with some excellent support from Poppy and Tilly from the edge of the D. The girls in defence were strong with excellent marking and fantastic interceptions. Annie, Jessica and Anya marked the opposition well and proceeded to work hard between them to then send the ball back down to the attacking end. As a team the girls had some strong and accurate passing down the court to the shooters. At half time the score was 7-1 so we had a mix up of positions yet the girls continued to work hard and show commitment and want for the ball to the bitter end. A brilliant match and a lovely game to umpire. Well done girls.

Mrs Williams


U8B Netball vs Duke of Kent
Result: Won 3-0
Ladies of the match: Alice Y and Hebe

Due to the Artic conditions outside and a partly frozen Astro, the U8Bs played in the sports hall.

The final result was 3-0 in Amesbury’s favour due to some excellent movement and finding space to receive the ball. Amesbury had most of the possession and Duke of Kent had very few chances.

Some good interceptions from Amesbury kept the ball down our end and some great shooting from Alice and Hebe ensured that Amesbury came away with the win.

Well done!

Miss Toynton


U9B Netball v Duke of Kent

Won 2-0

Lady of the match: Tamzi

The girls played a lovely match today against Duke of Kent. Their play got smoother and more fluid with each quarter, with some lovely shoulder passing from Merry, Francesca, Lily and Victoria. Tamzi lead the game brilliantly at Centre with some sprightly interceptions and lovely marking, turning over possession well. While Maisy had some lovely chances at goal in the first half.

As we were one player down we were lucky enough to borrow two energetic Year 3’s to play for us. Alice Y played a fantastic first half, while Hebe came on for the second half scoring our only two goals, giving us a 2-0 win.
Well done girls! Mrs Dover


U9A’s Rugby vs Barrow Hills

Score: Amesbury 12 – 6 Barrow Hills

On an artic afternoon the U9A’s braved the elements to play Barrow Hills. It was definitely an afternoon to keep moving and the Amesbury boys did exactly that. They all worked hard off the ball getting in support and ran hard making numerous breaks. Sadly Barrow Hills in the first half matched our footwork and attacking prowess.

It was definitely the cold taking its toll as few boys managed to hold on to tackles. As they warmed up though, in the second half, a lead started to open up and Barrow Hills were restricted to only two second half tries. The boys finished strong and it was a great team performance.

Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Amesbury U8 VI Rugby v Barrow Hills

Score: Rugby was the only winner today.

It was a bitterly cold day, not just for a game rugby but to be outside at all. Despite this, the U8s put on a formidable display of attacking and defensive play as well as some impressive ball handling.

With some players occasionally forgetting which direction their team were playing, scoring a try over the opposition line was perhaps less frequent than it could have been! However, both teams managed to rack up a fair number of trys. Play began a little slowly but towards the end of the game, and with frostbite setting in, both teams appeared to have found their flow and the rugby on display was a spectacle to behold.

On a day where temperatures plummeted to near Arctic levels, the real winner was the game of rugby itself. The boys toughed it out with some exceptional displays of grit and determination.

Report by: Mr Balcombe



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