Match Reports: Wednesday 11th October 2017 - Amesbury School
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U10A’s Football v Yateley Manor
Score: 4-1
The first half was a close encounter as both teams enjoyed opportunities. Some excellent saves and strong defence helped keep a clean sheet while our attack developed some superb passing and attached wide with calm control. Sadly we couldn’t break through and going into half time it was 0-0. In the second half the boys showed great resolve and determination. Early in the second half we received a free kick out wide. A superb shot into the top left broke the deadlock. The flood gates opened and the boys capitalised, goals two and three quickly followed with killer touches scoring top right and bottom left. The attitude was superb as they handled the pressure and opposition well. Sadly Yateley Manor snuck in a cheeky goal against the run of play. In the final 5 minutes Amesbury finished on a high with another goal. Unbelievable effort for all the boys. So impressed and proud!
Report by: Mr O’Reilly


U10A Netball v Felton Fleet

Won: 13-14
Players Player: Iona

This was an incredible match from start to finish. In the 1st quarter Amesbury took the lead 4-2, the game was quick and there was lots of movement on court. There were strong shoulder passes and the girls worked well together. Felton Fleet came back in the second quarter and pulled it to a 7 – 7 draw. In the 3rd quarter, Felton Fleet stretched the lead to 11 – 7. There was a big team talk going into the 4th quarter, the girls were hungry for it and had not given up, they believed in themselves and were ready to give 100% into the final quarter. Wow, they did just that, the ball flew with speed and accuracy in to the attacking end. Flora, Isabelle P-B and Millie moved into space in the centre third and worked hard up and down the court. If the ball went into the defending end it was intercepted with grit by Isabelle I and Sophie. The goals were shot on target and they scored 4 in a row, great shooting from Elsie and Iona! This took the score to 11-11… Into the final minutes of the last quarter – Felton Fleet scored 1, taking the lead to 12 – 11, Amesbury came back to make it a draw, then Felton Fleet again, another from the U10A team, 13 – 13 with a couple of minutes to go and even with lots of pressure, the U10A team worked together and scored the winning goal. Such an exciting final quarter, they worked well as a team and showed a ‘never give up’ attitude! Mrs Page


U11B Netball vs Feltonfleet
Won 9-2
Players’ player- Alice A
Lady of the Match -Raffy

The girls travelled to Feltonfleet on a blustery afternoon. The conditions made netball a little tricky, especially shooting.
From the first whistle it was clear that Amesbury were going to dominate the game, moving and passing fluently. Every player worked hard in both attack and defence, setting up chances for the Amesbury shooters. The shooters were on fine form, converting many of the chances that came our way. At half time the score stood 4-0 to Amesbury.

The second half continued in the same vein as the first with some tight marking and excellent interceptions preventing Feltonfleet from seeing much of the ball. Feltonfleet scored a couple of goals in the last quarter to narrow the score line. However, the girls responded brilliantly and quickly put another 4 goals away to leave the final score 9-2. A fantastic afternoon of netball, well done.

Miss Toynton


U11A Netball v Feltonfleet

Won 12-10
Lady of match: Laura H
Player’s Player: Katie S

An absolutely fantastic match today against Feltonfleet. From the outset, the girls were committed and driven. Their passing was great as we linked the ball down the court seamlessly. Jasmine and Lyla made a great partnership, finding space well and dodging beautifully. While Laura and Lucy worked incredibly well together, reading each other’s moves and popping in some fantastic goals. Going into the second half we were leading 7-6. Feltonfleet however, should also be praised for their lovely play. They fought for every ball and made some great interceptions to turnover possession. Feltonfleet managed to come back to take an 8-9 lead going into the last quarter. The game really could have been anyone’s. Thankfully for us, our defence rose to the challenge and really fought for rebounds. Katie, Sienna and Lissie made some lovely passes and thanks to some real grit and determination, they sent the ball back to our attackers. The final quarter saw our shooters give a final big push, popping 4 lovely goals, to Feltonfleet’s 1, giving us a lead of 12-10 as the final whistle blew.
Very well done girls on a fantastic match.  Mrs Dover


Amesbury U10B VII Football vs Yateley Manor

Score: 2-4

Thankfully the downpour that had begun as the teams left Amesbury had missed Yateley Manor and when Amesbury arrived, the sun was making an appearance from behind the clouds.

The first half began and it looked like it was going to be a close affair. Both teams were battling hard for possession and on a small pitch, both sides were utilising what little width there was.

The score remained at 0-0 until well into the second half when Yateley Manor managed to squeeze through the Amesbury defence.

Some brave defence from Amesbury kept the score at 0-1 until, from a clearance kick, the Amesbury attack managed to break through and equalise.

Both sides scored again and the score stayed at 2-2 until minutes before the final whistle when Yateley Manor scored from a lucky break and then a free kick that Peter Shilton would have struggled to save. The final score was 2-4.

A super effort from the U10B who never gave up. They should be proud of their performance.  Mr Balcombe


U11C Netball v Felton Fleet
Lady of the Match: Anna
Players Player: Isabella

With the slightly wet and windy conditions the girls were relieved to be playing in the sports hall for their match against Felton Fleet. The U11C’s got off to a strong start scoring five goals in the first half. This was a result of well executed dodging by each player, allowing the ball to be received in space and for the ball to be moved quickly down the court to the two shooters. Both GS and GA capatalised on every opportunity they were given to shoot throughout the match, managing to score from distances they may not have felt comforatble shooting from at the beginning of the season. This was aided by some well timed intereceptions by the defensive and mid court players resulting in Amesbury securing possession of the ball for the majority of the match. However there are still some areas which the girls can work on in future training, such as avoiding using the over head pass as this was often intercepted by the Felton Fleet defence. Having said this I could not have been prouder of the girls today. Their focus and determination throughout the match was outstanding! Well done girls, a very impressive result!

Miss Donaldson


Under 11 B Football versus Yately Manor

Amesbury 1 Yateley Manor 1

This was a well-contested match played in wet conditions which were perhaps not the best for flowing football. Both teams had plenty of possession and created some good attacking passages of play, but we still need to make the most of the available space and try to hold on to possession so as to create pressure and build more shot-making opportunities. Jack was able to break down the right to put us one goal to the good after five minutes or so, beating the Yateley keeper from a very fine angle. Unfortunately, Yateley finished strongly putting together some good passing moves and creating a gilt-edged chance which would have been difficult to miss… and they didn’t unfortunately – so we had to settle for a draw!

Amesbury U11 B 0 Yateley Manor U11 C 0

The U 11 B team played a second game against Yateley Manor C who had the advantage of fresh legs, but they also had some footballing ability and put together some good passing and movement to create chances. We had plenty of possession, but probably should have done more with it. We went looking for the ball too much instead of holding our field positions and passing through space. Consequently the play became rather scrappy and we were not able to create enough clear chances to come away with a victory.

Much progress has been made this season, but we must remember to control the ball and pass where we have time to do so. Well done to the team for lots of effort throughout the afternoon!  Mr. Lawrence


Girls 2nd Netball V The Royal

Drew 5 – 5

Players Player Emily
LOTM Lottie

The match was evenly balanced in terms of ability although we had more taller players which benefited us in the middle and shooting areas. Play went from end to end with some weak passes and mistimed dodges giving away the ball to the opposition but The Royal were also making mistakes so it was very often down to who grabbed the ball first. We were leading 3 – 0 in the first quarter with excellent shooting from Emily and Isabella.

The Royal then brought in a very tall GA who started scoring in the second quarter with a score then of 4 – 1 to Amesbury.

Sadly Immy at Centre had to leave which lost us the advantage in the mid court area. Their strong GA then scored another 4 goals equalizing the score. Another change of our team in the third quarter meant we fought for every ball and stopped them scoring more goals. Sadly no goals were scored in the final quarter so the score stayed at 5 – 5.

It was a scrappy game with some weak passing and lack of awareness about moving into space. Great marking and defensive play from Annie and Lottie. A definite improvement in fighting for the ball and a better understanding of when to dodge and when to hold their space from Charlie, Jenny and Maddy.

Report by: Mrs Crathern


1st XI Football v Yateley Manor away Lost 0-1
A very even match produced a disappointing result. This was a close contest; Amesbury had a goal disallowed, hit the post and induced a couple of goalmouth scrambles where the ball did everything except break to an Amesburian! We probably shaded the first half in terms of territory and attacks and Yateley shaded the second. A draw would have been an accurate reflection of the game, but one superbly struck long shot won it for them. Both sides scrapped and ran without producing many passing movements, but the endeavour was admirable. Mr Hamilton


2nd XI(football) vs Yateley Manor

The first half was evenly contested with both teams creating good opportunities. Amesbury took the lead through Oscar but Yateley Manor struck back almost immediately to level the score. The second half was a very different story. The boys started to play with much more control and pace. Having moved to left midfield, Max sent a series of superb crosses into the opposition box and scored a brilliant hat-trick. Harry also scored a well taken goal. Well done to all the boys on an excellent second half performance. Final score: 5-1 to Amesbury

Mr Donaldson

3rd XI vs Yateley Manor (2nd XI)

The boys started the match really well. They created numerous opportunities before Ollie scored a brilliant goal to give us a half time lead. The second half was dominated by Yateley Manor. Jake was a busy keeper but in spite of some excellent saves Yateley scored four goals. The 3rd XI take great credit for a very spirited performance. Final score: 4-1 to Yateley Manor

Mr Donaldson


U10C Netball v Felton Fleet
Lost 8-3
Players player – Tallulah

Despite the fact that it was a chilly, overcast afternoon at Amesbury, the girls were ready to try their best and give it their all. They had a good warm up to get them prepared and focused on the game. Felton Fleet took the lead in the first quarter but that didn’t stop the U10C Girls. There were some excellent interceptions by all the players and each girl had great determination. The marking was good as they stuck to their opponents like glue. There were a few brilliant break aways and the girls were dodging into space. The U10C’s never gave but and they showed great commitment. Well tried girls!

By: Miss Bussey

U10 C & D football vs Yateley Manor
Final Score: 2-1
The weather was overcast and there had been heavy showers on the trip over to Yateley but nevertheless the teams were keen to get onto the field and show their skills. Due to the size of Yateley the C & D’s were going to play half a game each. The C team took to the pitch first and there was lots of enterprise in their play, with good passing and positional play, allowing them to move up the pitch almost at will, this coupled with some good defence meant that they won their portion of the game 2-1.
The D team were up next and they also looked to move the ball around the pitch, making some good passes and runs, sadly they good not transfer these passages of play onto the score sheet and the score remained 0-0.
Final score 2-1.  Mr Randall

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