Match Reports - Wednesday 13 June 2018 - Amesbury School
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U11A Cricket v Feltonfleet
Feltonfleet: 59 runs for 3 wickets
Amesbury: 28 runs for 3 wickets.

Batter of the game: Ruby
Bowler of the game: Lyla

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their first cricket game today, after putting in some impressive training leading up the match. Amesbury went into bat first with Jazz and Laura our first pair. The girls managed to strike the ball well and scored a number of great runs. Katie and Ruby were paired next and we saw some confident calling as the girls again made some good runs. It was fantastic to see Lissie and Anna coming in to bat together. Lissie struck the ball really well, scoring 2 sixes, while Anna also hit the ball well. Last up were Lyla and Clara who were unlucky not to score more, with both girls losing a wicket.
As the girls went into field, we saw some silly errors to start with as balls went through legs, despite numerous long-barrier drills. However, once the girls got into the swing of things they really tightened up their fielding. Both Lyla and Ruby bowled incredibly well, with Lyla taking a wicket early on. While Lissie also dismissed another player thanks to a super catch.
A really fantastic introduction to cricket for the girls. Despite not winning, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Mrs Dover


U11B Girls Cricket v Felton Fleet

Lost 34 – 47

Lady of the Match Charlotte

This was the girls first ever cricket match against a school who have been playing cricket all term. Their teacher was very helpful with scoring and positioning and lenient when it came to bowled double bounces and wide balls. This enabled the game to flow as each girl had the opportunity to bat and field in every position including bowling and backstop.

Amesbury fielded first with Charlotte starting to bowl 6 balls then each player swapped round one position. Batters changed ends after after 6 balls and then changed the pairing after 12. Millie and Alice Adams both caught players out giving us 5 extra runs with Lucy producing some brilliant bowling and Raffy proved very adept at backstop and batting. With the pace of the bowling being slower than rounders it gave the batters the opportunity to direct their shots so fielding was more inclusive and less distance to throw the ball to backstop. The girls quickly got the hang of where to stand and moved quickly to cover the backstop if there was the possibility of taking a wicket. Felton Fleet scored 47 in their first innings.

Amesbury came into bat with Emily and Lucy as the first pairing. They scored some runs but were also caught out and bowled out so this negated their score. Next in were Millie and Alice Adams. Millie hit a lovely shot which only bounced once before it went over the boundary scoring 4 runs. Alice also his 2 great shots and they both ran to gain 2 lots of 3 runs. Great communication between theses two players. Charlotte and Sienna came in with Charlotte scoring the one and only 6 with a superb shot into the car park. Good job it was not a hard ball! Raffy and Alice finished the batting order with Raffy hitting for 4 and Alice helping score some additional runs. We scored 34 in our innings so there was not a huge difference and the girls all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the game. A very good effort for our first attempt. Well done.

Report by Mrs Crathern


Amesbury U10A v Felton Felton fleet U10A

Amesbury: 217 runs
Felton Fleet: 258 runs

The U10 girls had their very first cricket fixture at Cranleigh on Wednesday afternoon. After numerous games lessons dedicated to learning the rules of cricket and practicing foreign cricket skills, the year 5s were very eager and excited to put all their hard work to the test.

Isabelle I, as captain, and her partner Iona opened the batting confidently. Both girls showed off their fantastic batting techniques and ran as fast as they could to start the team’s run accumulation. Next in to bat was Isabelle P-B and Maia. Maia had an excellent over, scoring a total of 9 runs in the 6 balls she faced. She was the first of many to send the ball over the boundary. The excellent communication skills and teamwork between Isabelle and Maia ensured a very confident and encouraging 2 overs of play, between the two of them securing 12 runs. Millie, Elsie and Jazzy, in the next few overs, sent Amesbury’s score higher and higher, all of them hitting the ball as hard as they could and making decisive and tactical calls in their effort to gain runs. Millie and Jazzy were very risky in some of their runs but due to their speed they managed to pull them all off.

Maia opened the bowling for the Amesbury team. The girls worked together well in their fielding. Their consistent backing up ensured an effective defence boundary. Isobel W showcased some fantastic longbarriers to stop the ball from reaching the boundary, it was excellent to see the work the girls had done in their games lessons come to life. The girls relayed their passes accurately and threw the ball as hard as they could. Felton Fleet had quite a few strong hitters which made the girl’s work hard however, they persisted throughout their fielding innings. Sophie had noticeably straight and accurate bowling in the 8th over, her bowling was very impressive. Whilst she was bowling Sophie managed an excellent catch to get a Felton Fleet player out. Elsie bowled impressively in the last over to conclude the game.

The girls should be commended for the way they conducted themselves during their first cricket fixture. The girls were very supportive and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship whilst they were on the field and whilst they were watching from the sideline. The girls all played excellently and should be very proud of themselves. Well done girls!

By Miss Stals


Amesbury U10B v Felton Felton fleet U10B

Amesbury: 192 runs
Felton Fleet: 255 runs

The U10 girls enjoyed their very first cricket fixture at Cranleigh School on Wednesday afternoon. The girls were excited to play after numerous games lessons being dedicated to learning the rules and practicing the skills of cricket. The girls were finally able to put all their hard work to the test and were very eager and excited to get started!

The girls batted first. Isabelle (as captain) opened the batting with her partner Ellie. The girls got the team warmed up into the game. The girls should be commended for their focus on the sideline. The girls watched and cheered on their teammates who were batting, encouraging them throughout their batting innings. Rebecca and Hattie showcased some very impressive communication skills when it was their turn to bat, some risky calls were made but due to the loudness and effectiveness of their calls, all of them worked out, the girls got 7 runs in their 2 overs. Jemima was our first batter to hit the boundary with a beautiful 4. Jemima cleverly hit the ball into an area where there were limited fielders.

The girls gained 22 runs, however lost 30 to wickets (5 lost each wicket).

After a promising batting innings the girls went into bowl. Daisy opened the bowling with a very promising start. The girls demonstrated all the hard work that had gone into improving their bowling technique and accuracy in all their games lessons. Daisy was very tactical in her position as fielder, always looking before she passed to ensure the most benefit out of every ball. Tallulah and Cecily communicated excellently together as bowler and wicketkeeper, maximising effect of every ball. They were able to get the ball quickly and accurately back to safety to ensure the opposition could only score a limited number of runs. Ellie managed to get 2 wickets in her short over of bowling and Isabelle managed to get 1. A very impressive effort.

The girls should be congratulated on the excellence of their first ever cricket fixture. The girls showed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship both on the field and off. The girls should be very proud of their efforts!

By Miss Stals


2XI Girl’s cricket vs Felton Fleet
Lost by 68 runs

It was a historic day for Amesbury as the 2nd XI took to the field for the first time. The girls were in high spirits and were keen to show what they could do after being introduced to cricket this season.

Felton Fleet have been playing cricket as their main summer sport this year and so we knew that we would have to raise our game in order to compete.

Amesbury won the toss and elected to field first. Some steady bowling meant that Felton Fleet were initially pegged back and found it hard to score runs. However, they were good at punishing the loose balls and ran between the wickets well. All the team bowled an over each. Some excellent bowling from Olivia and Sammy resulted in 3 wickets being taken.

Amesbury were solid in the field but a lack of experience resulted in a number of overthrows which advanced the Felton Fleet score. Felton Fleet finished on 278 runs.

Amesbury headed into bat knowing that they had nothing to loose. They batted with confidence and struck the ball cleanly, scoring boundaries at regular intervals throughout the overs. Unfortunately, wickets also fell at regular intervals and with 5 runs being taken off the score each time, Amesbury found it difficult to build a total and to get close to the Felton Fleet score.

It was a fantastic experience, and despite not winning, the girls were in great spirits.

Several records were broken:(!)

Most boundaries scored for the 2nd XI
Most wickets in a 2nd XI game
Highest total
Best individual bowling figures
Highest individual number of runs

Well done everyone!

Miss Toynton

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