Match Reports: Wednesday 17 January 2018 - Amesbury School
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U11C Rugby v Highfield

The Under 11 C Rugby team took on Highfield on Wednesday and both sides were able to demonstrate some good Rugby with tidy rucking, some good hooking in the scrums and some excellent off-loading. Highfield had the weight advantage and the bonus of some substitutes whom they rolled on and off during the course of the game. Of course, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, but only if you tackle well. We did at times, but there were also one or two occasions when the ‘Red Sea’ parted and we offered our opposition an easy score.

In the end we lost by 8 tries to 4, but with more direct running and improved defence we would have given them a run for their money. Try scorers were Sam with two, (one of which was a cheeky little dummy worthy of Jonathan Davies in his prime) and Jacob and William each chipping in with one. A pleasing performance, well done to the team!

Mr Lawrence


U10 A Hockey vs Highfield
Lost 0-1
Lady: Isobel W

Arctic conditions blew in for the girl’s first hockey match of the term. Despite this, the girls seemed motivated in their warm up and ready to play.

From the first whistle it was clear that it was going to be a very even game, with the ball going from team to team and end to end in quick succession. Some excellent saves and clearances from Isabelle in goal, allowed the scores to stay level until just before half time, where Highfield slotted in a through ball to make the score 1-0 to Highfield.

The second half was similar to the first but Amesbury were pressing for the equaliser. As the game wore on the girls became better at looking for a person to pass to rather than just hitting the ball forward. This resulted in some lovely interplay and shots on goal that went just wide. With 5 seconds to go, Amesbury turned over the ball and charged towards goal. With 1 second to go the ball crossed into the D. The clock buzzed to signal the end of the game and the final whistle blew. Unfortunately this was just a millisecond before Isobel hit the ball into the goal and so the goal didn’t count.

Final score 1-0 to Highfield.

Despite the result, there are a lot of positives to draw from the match. There are also some areas that we need to continue to look at but this is to be expected after just the first match!

Miss Toynton


U11 C Girl’s Hockey v Highfield
Lost: 7-3
Player’s Player: Ruby
Person of the match: Flora

The first match of the hockey season was played at Highfield on a grass field. It was cold and windy but the team showed great enthusiasm from the start.
The match was played with six players and no goal keeper, Flora and Mia defended with determination. Lissie, Ruby, Lucy and Isabella ran back to help out but Amesbury were losing 5-0 at half-time. In the 2nd half the U11 C team gained a second wind with Ruby running up the right side of the field hitting the ball into the D to Lissie who passed it back to Ruby who scored Amesbury’s 1st goal. A 2nd goal by Lissie followed shortly and then a 3rd by Isabella. At this point Highfield woke up and managed to score two more goals in the last few minutes of the match.

Miss C Godet


U10C’s Rugby vs Highfield
Score: Amesbury 7 v 11 Highfield
For the opening game of the season the U10’s had the chance to play the big local derby against Highfield. The opening exchanges were largely dictated to by some quick feet and powerful direct running from ourselves. As the game was developing into a high tempo, unforgiving affair Highfield started to take a lead. By half time they were three tries up and Amesbury needed to come back and make an impact. Credit to the boys they really did come back out and at them. Quickly picking up two tries in quick succession. In defence the communication and organisation started to challenge Highfield like they hadn’t been in the first half. Tackles came in and the tries dried up. As the game came to a close Highfield managed to close out the game with an 11-7 win. It was a very pleasing performance by all and unfortunately the scoreboard didn’t reflect the effort or quality of Amesbury play.
Report by: Mr O’Reilly


U11B IX Rugby v Highfield

Score: 4-0

It was cold and slippery underfoot when the Amesbury U11Bs took to the field to take on Highfield, a team who can prove tricky to beat.

Right from the off, Amesbury showed determination and read the game extremely well. Highfield had some strong runners however the Amesbury boys adapted their style of play to keep the ball close in contact and prevent the opposition from getting the ball. By half time Amesbury had managed to put 3 trys past a tough defence.

The second half proved harder with Highfield responding quicker to the excellent rucking from Amesbury. However, despite improving their play at the breakdown, Highfield were unable to break the Amesbury defence. A well-earned 4th try finished a great game of rugby. A superb display of skilful rugby from the whole Amesbury team.

Report by: Mr Balcombe


U11 B Girl’s Hockey v Highfield
Lost: 5-2
Players Player: Alice
Player of the match: Camilla

The U11 B hockey match started out well with Raffy scoring the first goal of the match. However conditions were not too good and the Amesbury team struggled to transfer their Astroturf skills to the grass field. The midfield players, Raffy, Emily A, and Alice pushed hard to give Anna opportunities to score and were rewarded with a second goal from Emily A. In defence Camilla was fearless as the GK and made many, many saves. Camilla was helped by Clara and Emily P who were determined to stop the Highfield attack. In the end the Highfield team proved to be stronger and were able to force 5 goals.

Miss C. Godet & Miss C Stals


U13 Rugby v Highfield away

Lost 15-50
Report: Such was our injury and illness list that we were fielding every available boy many of whom acquitted themselves admirably against a very useful outfit with some genuine pace. We had one poor spell midway through the first half, conceding 5 tries in 6 minutes, but for much of the game we competed manfully and scored three good tries. Uncontested scrums meant we did get plenty of possession. To make a real match of it, however, we needed more of the team to be resolute in tackling.

Mr Hamilton


2nd Netball team v King Edwards
Lost 19 – 11
Players Player Alice E

On a very chilly and windy day the girls played an inexperienced team from King Edwards but what the opposition lacked in netball skills they made up for in height and athleticism. Both teams started rather tentatively with balls being dropped or fumbled. Play went from end to end with equal number of goals from Alice and Isabella. They were not deterred by the tallest goal keeper I have seen who dwarfed Isabella making it virtually impossible to shoot. Our attacking players in Charlie, Maddy, Jenny and Sammy quickly realised this and tried to pass to Alice more often. The King Edwards shooters were also tall and very athletic converting most of their attempts at goal. Olivia and Anabelle did a sterling job in defence but just needed to jump and bat the ball out of the shooters reach to stand a change of gaining possession at the throw in. Kind Edwards led by 6 – 2 after the first quarter, a pattern which was to continue for the next two quarters with Amesbury behind by 4 goals. We did have moments of brilliance with the ball being passed down the court quickly and securely only to be intercepted by the GD reducing our opportunities to score. Several changes were made to keep all players involved and warm. Lottie was very successful at scoring goals in her quarters and also tried hard in defence in the final quarter. An interesting match which at times looked like it could have gone either way. The girls never gave up despite the over enthusiastic opposition and the cold weather so well done to all.

Report by Mrs Crathern


Amesbury 2nd XII Rugby vs Highfield

Amesbury 2, Highfield 6

This was a cracking game of rugby, played in great spirit between two very committed sides. The boys were quick to the breakdown and secured plenty of ball. However, we lacked penetration and the Highfield boys were very strong in the tackle. When Highfield had the ball they attacked with pace and skill and always looked dangerous. To their credit, the boys tackled bravely and did extremely well to limit Highfield to 6 tries. We were rewarded for our efforts when Joe finally broke through the defence and scored in the corner. Man of the match Tom then rounded off a strong individual performance with a try. Well done to all the boys on a great game of rugby.

Mr Donaldson


U10 B Girls Hockey
Amesbury v Highfield
Lost: 2-1

The first match of the term was a great one! The girls started playing with good energy and excitement despite the challenging cold and windy weather conditions. The team was eager and worked well together passing effectively and holding their positions, which is terrific having had a few weeks off over Christmas. We will continue to work on moving the ball accurately and honing our attack and defence at training. The U10 B team all tried their best and their spirits highlighted what great competitors they all are. Well done girls!

Miss Phillips

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