Match Reports: Wednesday 1st November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U11 C Netball vs Longacre
Result: Won 9-0
Lady: Lucy A
Player: Camilla T

After a thorough warm up the girls were ready to play Longacre. From the first whistle, Amesbury were dominant, moving into space well and showing a real hunger for the ball. Some fluid play resulted in several shots on goal early on, all of which were converted.

The second quarter followed in the same vein. Every player marked their player tightly and there were some fantastic interceptions. At half time the score stood 9-0 to Amesbury.

The girls had a complete change around of positions for the second half but this did not stop the quality of the play in the middle third. Understandably, fewer of our chances were converted, and Longacre had more possession than previously. This tested the girls’ defending skills as well as their ability to adapt to new positions.

All of the girls showed great enthusiasm throughout all of the match and the score finished 9-0 to Amesbury.

Miss Toynton


U11B Netball Team v U11A Longacre

Score: 12-10
Player’s Player: Flora
Lady of the Match: Alice A

The U11B team warmed up with energy and were well prepared for the match. They were playing Longacre U11A team and knew that they had a challenge ahead. Longacre had first centre pass so the U11B team were on the defence straight away. Longacre took a good lead and by the end of the first quarter they were leading 5-1. By half time Amesbury worked really hard as a team and both teams scored 3 goals, taking the score to 8-4. The U11B team were getting more and more hungry for the ball and were intercepting with commitment, in the 3rd quarter the scored 2 goals and Longacre scored 1, making the gap smaller to 9-6, they carried on with the same determination for the ball and very good team work to win the final quarter 4-3. The final score was 12-10, they showed super perseverance and grit throughout the match.

Mrs Page


U10A Netball v Longacre
Won 10-3

Lady of the match: Sophie J
Player’s Player: Maia B

The U10A team put in a fantastic and slick performance today against Longacre. The girls displayed fluency, control and skill from the outset with some lovely set plays to link the ball down the court. Our defence worked incredible well together, making some superb interceptions and turning over possession time and time again to prevent Longacre from entering the circle. Isabelle, Jazzy, Sophie and Milly all showed great team spirit and lovely commitment for the team which was well noted. While some superb mid court play was seen from Maia, Flora, Isabelle PB and Isobel W. Iona and Elsie were rather static for the first quarter, with little dodging being utilised to find space. However, after a quick reminder of this, the girls suddenly came alive, dodging beautifully and working more fluidly together. Some lovely shots were popped in to increase our lead. At half time the score sat at a comfortable 8-0 lead for Amesbury. This gave us the perfect opportunity to make some positional changes to develop the girl’s versatility on court. The shooters came off, defensive players developed their attacking skills and all had a great time experiencing a new position.
The girls were a delight to watch today. Great team work, communication and commitment from all. very well done to all!

Mrs Lauren Dover



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