Match Reports - Wednesday 20 June 2018 - Amesbury School
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U10B v Highfield
Lost: 13 ½ – 15 ½

Batter of the Match – Jemima
Fielder of the Match – Elsie

The sun finally came out on Wednesday afternoon on Fyfield. Highfield arrived early and the U10Bs started promptly at 2.30pm. The U10B team batted first and there were ½ rounders or full rounders scored by Rebecca, Elsie, Isabelle C and Tallulah. This set the score at 5 ½ for Highfield to beat, They scored 7 half rounders and 3 full rounders, taking their score to 6 ½, only a rounder in it! There was great bowling from Elsie and Isabelle I and Rebecca was ready and poised as backstop. It was all to play for in the second innings, great rounders scored from Rebecca, Elsie and Tallulah and more half rounders from Ellie and Jemima, other half rounders from no balls. The girls took good risks getting to 2nd post. This took the U10Bs final score to 13 ½, Highfield were ready and raring to catch up… in their final batting inning they scored 6 full rounders, there were some mistakes in the fielding with the pressure of accurate passing and 5 half rounders, this took their final score to 9 – another very close innings 9-8. This took the final score to 15 ½ to 13 1/2., a tough and exciting match!

Mrs Page


1st Rounders v Highfield

Lost 14-25

Batter of the game: Gracie
Fielder: Libby

This was always going to be a really tough game for us, with Highfield having so many girls to choose their squad from. Sadly, we were not to be disappointed as Highfield arrived with some big, strong girls who managed to score a rounder from nearly every ball. We tried our best, however, there were some catches which should have been made and some silly fielding errors. Highfield managed to score 14 rounders in their first innings, which was going to be tough to beat. As we went into bat we were also met wit extremely tight fielding from the Highfield team. Georgie and Gracie score some impressive rounders, while some good halves were also scored by Libby.
The second innings saw the girls pick their game up slightly after a stern talk at half time about commitment and a hunger for the game. This innings saw the girls really demonstrate some team spirit. We saw some outstanding deep fielding from Bo, with some superb catches and quick balls to Libby at second. Libby also shone here at Near Deep, managing to stump some players out. Georgie also picked up her game at BS, sending some great balls to Lara at 1st post. This saw us dismiss 6 Highfield players (as opposed to 0 in our first innings).
Sadly, we couldn’t compete against the Highfield team who deserved to win.
Despite this the Amesbury team should leave with their heads held high, to compete against such a big school and come away having played some lovely rounders.
Well done girls!

Mrs Dover


2nd Team Rounders v Highfield

2nd v B’s lost 3 – 10
2nd v C’s lost 6 1/2 – 7

B’s best Batter Issy
Best Fielder Sammy

C’s best Batter Immy
Best Fielder Sammy

The girls started playing Highfield’s B Team, electing to field rather than bat. Poor fielding and throwing led to 5 half rounders being given away followed by 2 full rounders from very well hit balls. Highfields batters continued to hit hard and far which made deep fielding with Sammy and Maddy a very hard task. The fielding improved with excellent bowling from Issy giving away only one half rounder. Teh girls tried hard to keep the opposition at bay but they were a very strong team.

It was then our turn to bat where we were outclassed with excellent fielding and quick stumping of the posts at l st base. Olivia was caught out on her first ball, Immy, Charlie and Sammy were also stumped out at 1st leaving very few players to keep battling on. Maddie scored one rounder and made a valiant attempt at hitting the ball and running just to get round in time to hit again. Issy hit 2 beautiful shots for full rounders and scored another half. Patches of great play but a struggle to cope with the pace of bowling and excellent fielding.

Then our girls played their C team which was much more even. Issy was stumped out at 2nd with her first ball so one of our good batters had gone. Immy played far better in this innings scoring two full rounders and two halves. Maddie hit a great shot that went miles scoring a rounder. Charlie scored two halves by running on to 2nd base and we got 1 rounder for poor bowling. Lottie also scored half a rounder but was stumped out after that. At the end we only had Immy and Charlie in as batters hitting the last 9 balls. A very valiant effort and well done to these two girls.

We then started fielding with great bowling again from Issy. Good back up from Annie at 2nd and she caught out two players. Maddie had lots of work to do in this innings with nearly every ball coming her way. Great long distance throwing but too far away to be able to stump them out at 4th. Sadly we lost by half a rounder but it was a much more enjoyable game and the fielding improved hugely as the game went on.

Match Report by Mrs Crathern


Amesbury U10B’s Boys Cricket vs Yateley Manor

Score: Yateley Manor 97-9 (20 overs)
Amesbury 82-10 (20 overs)

After a week off fixtures and a Charterhouse master class the Amesbury U10B’s were chomping at the bit for a game. Yateley Manor opened the batting and thanks to the opening bowlers finding their line and length we quickly reduced them to to 0-1. The quality of bowling was excellent and the fielding was enthusiastic. As Yateley Manor approached the half way point of the innings they started to turn the screw picking up 40 runs in 4 overs. The boys stabilised well and picked up 6 wickets in the final 8 overs. The final score for Yateley was 97-9. Amesbury then went out at a blistering pace but struggled to protect their wicket racing to 30-4. With the next few batsman they showed a more cautious approach. Wickets dried up but unfortunately so did the runs. The quality of bowling was superb and the fielding was a challenge for our batsman. The final over required 21 runs and with a couple of wickets in hand the boys went for it. Sadly it was a little too late and the game finished on 82-10. Great afternoon and unfortunate ending.

Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Yatley Manor 154 for 8 Amesbury 147 for 5

Yatley win by 7 runs.

Amesbury lost the toss and were sent out to field on a lovely summers day against Yatley Manor. Amesbury bowled well in the early stages and made a breakthrough removing their opening batsmen in the fourth over. Another wicket shortly followed and the hosts were 74 for 2 at the midway point. There were some good plays in the outfield and Amesbury managed to get a couple of run outs. Yatley finished with an impressive score of 154 for 8.

With a difficult score to chase Amesbury made a slow start. After 5 overs they were on a steady 21. However, Sam quickly began what was to be an outstanding innings and one in which he scored 76 runs off 50 balls including 14 boundaries. He was well supported by other batsmen and there was also some clever running to keep the total ticking over. Unfortunately Amesbury came up 7 runs short in their chase and lost the game. However, they played very well and should be proud of making a great effort in their chase.

Mr Tribe


U11 B Rounders v Highfield
Amesbury won 10 to 8 rounders

Lady of Match – Camilla
Batter of Match – Millie
Fielder of Match – Charlotte

The U11 B rounders team played their final match of the season on the beautiful grounds at Highfield School. Amesbury lost the toss and batted first. The game was quite slow going for the first 10 balls without any rounders or half-rounders being scored. However the game quickly picked up when Camilla scored a half rounder and the rest of the team started batting with more confidence. At the end of the first innings Millie, Emily A, Schyler and Camilla had all scored leaving the team with 5 rounders. The second innings Amesbury were able to score another 5 rounders with Charlotte, Mia, Lucy A and Millie adding to the score.

When Amesbury came into field the team demonstrated some excellent fielding and good decision making. In particular Ruby, Sienna, Charlotte and Isabella kept the Highfield score down by fielding the ball back to second post on numerous occasions. Camilla stepped in as backstop and made some quick decisions that kept the score low. The Amesbury girls were elated with their win on their very last rounders match.

Miss Godet


U11A Cricket vs Yateley Manor

Score: Won
After a misty morning, the sun finally broke through for a glorious afternoon of cricket. Yateley Manor put Amesbury into bat, a move that would prove costly as Amesbury got off to a flying start. Dispatching the bad balls and pinching quick singles from the good ones, Amesbury put on a formidable total of 125 for 5 off their 20 overs.
Yateley Manor got off to a shaky start with some mis hits and several wickets falling early. Amesbury continued to pile on the pressure and as a result of some excellent bowling and fielding, Amesbury managed to keep Yateley Manor to a score of 80 for 7 off their 20 overs meaning Amesbury took the victory by 45 runs.
An excellent all round cricketing performance.
Report by: Mr Balcombe


2nd XI Cricket v Yateley Manor (home) Twenty20

Amesbury 145/7
Yateley Manor 82/9
Won by 63 runs
The 2nds completed the season with a convincing win on a glorious afternoon. Disappointingly the game was reduced to T20 due to our visitors’ logistics but everyone got some action. A new opening partnership gave Amesbury an excellent start, despite some horrendous calling, putting on 90 in 12 overs against bowling which regularly dropped too short on a slow pitch; with the outfield fast and the boundaries short, 13 fours were struck before both openers fell in quick succession. The rest of the batting chipped in usefully though there was the usual mad running which, as ever, saw the innocent party run out.
Notes to batsmen: there is a word pronounced “NO!” which should be bellowed in such circumstances, accompanied by returning to one’s ground, and allowing one’s well-meaning, but demented, team-mate to run himself out! It is also remarkably disconcerting to have a partner who shouts “Yes!” and then stands absolutely still!
Yateley’s innings got off to a bad start losing three wickets in the first 2 overs, 2 bowled having a waahoo and the third the victim of an excellent caught and bowled, the first of three in their innings. Thereafter, their innings stuttered rather to 58/7 before the tail wagged late on; they were unfortunate to lose a batsman ‘retired hurt’ after being struck in the ribcage area by a high full toss. Our low number of wides was pleasing but we did bowl a lot of (accidental)beamers.
Mention should be made of the last wicket of the season; a well-struck hit to deep square leg seemed a certain 4, but was chased and saved just inside the line by a full-length dive in the dust-bowl in front of the pavilion, followed by the fielder swiftly getting up and firing in a fast, flat throw which saw the batsman just run out trying for a 2nd run. I could almost hear Richie Benaud purring, “Marvellous piece of fielding, that!”

Well played, everyone.

Mr Hamilton


U11A Rounders Amesbury v Highfield

Amesbury: 17 1/2
Highfield: 12 1/2

Player of the match: Raffy
Fielder of the match: Anna
Batter of the match: Katie

The U11 A girls played a brilliant game against Highfield today and won 17 1/2 rounders to 12 1/2! The girls took to the field with great energy as they knew it would be their last competitive game together as a team. Amesbury began fielding for the first innings and the girls worked very well together as a team. Lyla, Alice, Lissie and Laura were continually backing each other up and were able to stump out a few of Highfield’s players – wonderful job girls! The girls all attacked the ball and were connecting as a team amazingly. We then changed over and it was Amesbury’s turn to bat. The girls did well but they knew they had more in them for the second innings.

We saw some great fielding from all the girls during the second innings. Katie and Jazzy worked well together as bowler and backstop and caught some Highfield players out which was brilliant. Anna, Lucy and Raffy also caught some players out whilst standing in the deep positions on the field – great work girls! Amesbury then began batting for the last time. The girls were so determined during this innings to improve their batting they focussed and it delivered results. We saw some amazing hits from all the girls in particular Raffy. As a result of these great hits some excellent rounders were scored from Katie, Lissie and Raffy and some half rounders scored by Jazzy, Laura, Lyla, Alice, Anna, Lucy and Emily.

The girls’ communication and support of one another whilst fielding and batting during the match today was terrific to watch and the result reflected their teamwork. Well done girls, what a great match it was today!

Miss Phillips

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