Match Reports: Wednesday 25 April 2018 - Amesbury School
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1st Rounders v Edgeborough
Lost 13 1/2 -14

Batter of the game: Lara
Fielder of the game: Libby

Although we were basking in sunshine last week, this week we were playing our first match of the season in a torrential downpour. Despite this, the girls got their heads down and put in a good performance as they fielded against Edgeborough. Unfortunately for us Edgeborough had some incredibly big strikers and they soon added to their score sheet. Nevertheless, Gracie, Libby and Dora made some good catches and strong decisions in the field. While we started to see a solid partnership developing between Backstop (Georgie) and First post (Lara), enabling us to dismiss Edgeborough players early on. Emily, Emily, Betty and Maddy made some quick decisions in the Deep too.
As we went into the field, we struggled somewhat to make solid connections with the ball and despite scoring a few half rounders here and there, there was nothing to write home bout. Thankfully the second innings saw us connect with the ball more convincingly with great rounders from Lara, Emily H, Emily B, Libby, Betty and Dora. Although we were trailing in the first innings, we managed to pull this back thanks to our great second fielding innings, leaving us narrowly losing the game by 13 1/5 – 14 rounders.

A great effort girls for your first match.

Mrs Dover


2nds Rounders vs Conifers
Result: Won 9 1/2 vs 9
Batter of the game: Olivia C
Fielder of the game: Isabella M

Typically after last week’s lovely weather the first Rounders match was played in the rain!

Amesbury batted first and quickly started to build a total. Some strong hits started to put the pressure on the Conifers fielding. This resulted in a couple more Rounders being scored which left the total for the 1st innings at 5 1/2.

Amesbury fielded confidently in the first innings and, other than a few miscommunications, limited Conifers scoring. Some great bowling ensured that it was difficult for Rounders to be scored leaving the total at 4 Rounders.

The rain then started to come down in earnest.

In their 2nd batting innings, Amesbury’s scoring was limited by some tight fielding from Conifers. This coupled with a lack of conviction when running between the posts meant that the second innings total was 4.5 meaning the score to beat was 9 1/2.

Amesbury looked cold in the field in their second fielding innings and struggled to remain concentrated. This coupled with some confident batting resulted in Conifers quickly coming close to the Amesbury total. At the end it was very close but some good decision making from a couple of girls prevented many more Rounders being scored.

The final score was 9 1/2 – 9 in Amesbury’s favour.

Miss Toynton


U11B Cricket v Edgeborough

The Under 11 B were victorious in their first cricket match of the term at Edgeborough. We won the toss and elected to bowl, but it seems we need to put quite a lot of work into developing a better, more consistent line and length! At any rate, Zac and Tom were the pick of the bowlers with Tom managing to take three wickets with Sam, Oscar and Zach each chipping in with one. Fortunately for us, though, Edgeborough were only able to manage a fairly meagre total of 81 off their 20 overs, a very achieveable target. In reply we batted with confidence and our openers, Jacob and Tom, soon started playing some nice shots. Tom was caught in the deep when he miss-cued one and was on his way for 21, a decent knock. His opening partner, Jacob, steadily accumulated 20 before, after being in for quite a while, he graciously gave way so one of his team-mates could have a go. Toby came in and steadied himself before finding his eye and looking comfortable stroking the ball around for his 20. He was ably supported by Zach and brother Max who both made useful contributions. In the end, we rattled of the 82 runs required with a few balls to spare to win by 8 wickets. Well done to all the boys!

Mr Lawrence


U10A Cricket vs Edgeborough

Score: Win by 3 wickets

Nothing quite sums up British cricket that experiencing all seasons during the course of the game! On arrival at Grayshott CC the U10As took shelter from the hail. Once this had cleared the boys took to the field in glorious sunshine.

The opening bowlers fired down some rapid deliveries that proved tricky for the Edgeborough batsmen. And then if the bowling was not difficult enough to contend with, the clouds raced in and promptly unleashed a prolonged bout of heavy rain. Unperturbed by this, both teams decided to crack on and have a game of cricket.

Amesbury’s bowlers kept working hard and wickets were falling at regular intervals, helped no end by the pressure that superb fielding was building. There was just nowhere for Edgeborough to get any singles. They finished their innings on 72-9.

Amesbury’s opening partnership of 56 made it look like a win was in the bag. However with a middle order collapse it was left to the tail end to reach the target of 73 for the win. The score slowly crept up and then with the score at 72-7 and 1 run required off the last ball Amesbury managed to scamper home for the victory.

A tough game in the end but credit to the team for sticking at it to the very end.

Special thanks should go tea lady Mr Ward, who did a sterling effort of keeping parents warm with big mugs of hot tea.

Mr Balcombe


U10 B Rounders v Edgeborough
Won: 5.5 – 7

Batter of the game: Rebecca
Fielder of the game: Tallulah

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side today, but despite the heavy rain Amesbury played a terrific first game against Edgeborough. The girls worked as a team as they moved into their positions and began fielding. Rebecca, Isobel and Amelia worked hard and we saw them communicating well with each other whilst fielding. Isabelle, Ellie, Cecily, Jemima and Millie all showed some energetic fielding as they were committed to the ball and had some excellent catches, which enabled them to dismiss some of Edgeborough’s players. The girls managed to score some half rounders as well as some great rounders. Cecily and Millie made some great decisions in the deep and on 4th post. The girls all displayed some timely strikes at the ball whilst batting, especially during the second innings. Well done to Rebecca who was named ‘batter of the match’ and to Tallulah who was named ‘fielder of the game’ Despite the weather conditions today, the girls were determined to enjoy their first rounders game of the term.

Great work today girls, well played!

Miss Phillips


U10A Rounders v Edgeborough
Lost: 11 ½ – 6 ½
Player of the Match – Maia

The U10As had their first match against Edgeborough for the Summer Term, although the weather was awful and not the best conditions to play their first match of the term! The girls made sure it didn’t impact on their enjoyment and still went out and tried their best on Wednesday afternoon. The U10As were captained by Jazzy and the team batted first. They batted cautiously and were anxious not to get out, which meant they didn’t maximise the number of rounders they could have scored as there were some really good hits. There was good bowling from Jazzy and super team work on second post with Maia and Iona. at the end of the innings it was 5 ½ to 4 ½ to Edgeborough, there was a great catch from Isabelle P-B and good, quick decision making from the team. In the 2nd Innings, Edgeborough stretched their lead and scored 6 rounders and the U10A Team scored 2. They kept fighting until the end and showed perseverance in the cold weather too!

Mrs Page


2nd XI Cricket v Edgeborough
Match Abandoned as a Draw: Rain
Edgeborough 122/3 off 17 overs
Report: The most grey, dismal day to start the season. A torrential downpour delayed the start and left an already damp outfield sodden. Boundaries were brought in, we lost the toss and proceeded to bowl with a bar of soap. 15 wides ( 2 for a wide with no extra ball) were conceded in the first 9 balls! Soon another deluge drove us off. We then had some uninterrupted play before the monsoons drove us to take early tea, during which it was agreed to abandon the game, a shame, especially for Edgeborough who had a handy score with 8 overs still to play. Having said that their bowlers could only have found things tricky too as the ball was going to get even wetter and the wicket more slippery. Remarkably, there were 64 extras in the Edgeborough total so a century of sundries was a distinct possibility! All the Amesbury bowlers bowled some decent deliveries but conditions were nigh impossible. Mention should be made of a superb direct-hit run out which broke the opening stand of 71.

Mr Hamilton


U11 B Rounders V Edgeborough AWAY

Won: 15 1/2 to 5

Best Batter: Laura
Best Fielder: Ruby

The conditions on Wednesday were blustery and ranging from sun to overcast to showers so a very mixed bag. We continued playing so score sheets were rather soggy but it wasn’t hard enough to stop play.

The girls came in to bat first led by Alice A. We quickly established a convincing lead with Alice and Laura scoring full rounders on hit balls. Edgeborough’s fielding was weak which gave our girls the opportunity to score lots of half rounders running to 2nd or running to 4th on missed balls. Amesbury scored 6 1/2 rounders in their first Innings. Very positive running with intelligent thinking about whether to take the risk or not to keep going versus being stumped out.

Edgeborough then came in to bat. Superb bowling from Laura, giving away no half rounders. Excellent back stop from Clara with Millie catching their first player out at 2nd base. A brilliant start with fantastic fielding behind 2nd and 3rd post from Anna and Sienna. They displayed a quickness of thought and reactions passing the ball straight to bowler or stumping people out at 3rd so the opposition could not score a full rounder. Edgeborough only scored 1/2 a rounder in this innings.

Amesbury then started their 2nd innings with a very happy, charged up team. The girls who had previously not managed to hit the ball were now able to connect with it so everyone made a contribution to the score. Alice, Sienna, Millie and Ruby all scored a full rounder with everyone else contributing more half rounders. We scored 9 rounders in this innings. Again very intelligent play watching what was going on with the fielding and immediately reacting. Also very good communication from Alice with decisive decisions regarding when to run or not.

Edgeborough now had to do a lot of work to catch up and although they scored 5 rounders in this innings could not hope to level the score. For this innings the girls chose their positions so Ruby swapped to 3rd base and was instrumental in stumping out players and being the interface between deep fielding and 4th or Laura as bowler. A special mention to Anna who hurt her fingers trying to catch a fiercely thrown ball but she bravely continued on, ice pack in hand!

A very impressive match with great team spirit and effective communication.

Mrs Crathern


U11 A Rounders v Edgeborough
Lost 17 ½ /9

Batter of the game: Lissie
Fielder of the game: Jazzy

This match was played at Edgeborough school in poor conditions with rain on and off throughout the match which did not help the Amesbury team who batted first. In the first innings Amesbury batted with Lissie and Katie scoring rounders and Raffy and Lyla scoring half rounders, unfortunately Jazzy, Charlotte, Emily and Lucy were out in this innings.

Amesbury lacked confidence when fielding with indecision and miscommunication causing errors and allowing the Edgeborough team to score many rounders in a short space of time. Once the Amesbury team had composed themselves the team were able to stop the Edgeborough big hitters from scoring too many more rounders.

Miss Godet


3rd XI Cricket v Edgeborough

The season opened with a high scoring match, in the rain! Amesbury batted first. Tom and Oscar batted superbly, defending the good ball and hitting the bad ball hard. They both reached the 50 before retiring. Amesbury ended up on the very impressive total of 195 for 1. The Edgeborough innings started briskly and after 12 overs they were up with the run rate. However, Tom, James, Oscar and Jake bowled accurately and Edgeborough were finally dismissed for 151. Wickets were taken by Bertie, Rory, Tom, Oscar(2) and Jake. Well done to all the boys on an impressive opening performance.

Amesbury 195 for 1
Edgeborough 151 all out

Result: a win for Amesbury by 44 runs

Mr Donaldson


Won: 16 to 9 ½
Best Batter: Alice
Best Fielder: Flora

The rainy and windy conditions failed to dampen the eager girl’s spirits as the first round of rounders came along. The girls represented Amesbury very well in their energetic warm up and their friendly attitudes towards the opposing Edgeborough team.

The girls came in to bat led by Schyler who, in her first ever game of rounders, stood up to the plate to ensure a solid and competitive start to the match. Amesbury was able to quickly establish a competitive lead with some very strong batting and strategic and quick running. Amesbury’s competitive start ensured 9 rounders were scored in their first inning.

When Edgeborough’s batting team came out, Amesbury’s fielding abilities were put out on display. Flora’s incredibly consistent and accurate bowling set up the precedent for the whole team to follow. Some slippery hands, due to the conditions, led to a few missed opportunities, however, the girls fought hard and showed off some excellent decision making on the field and some excellent skills. Camilla showed off some excellent fielding skills with her quick thinking and accurate passes. Edgeborough came away with 5 rounders in their first inning.

Amesbury energetically came out in their second innings to bat. Alice batted very competitively, hitting very hard balls, contributing a competitive few rounders to the team. The girls managed to score 7 rounders in this innings, ensuring a very competitive and hard to reach lead against the Edgeborough girls.

Edgeborough started their second innings of batting quite competitively, however, Amesbury fought back and managed to get 3 of the Edgeborough team out with their quick and strategic fielding. Mia, Lucy and Isabella worked very well together out on the field – their quick and accurate passes and their catching skills ensured that Amesbury maintained the lead right to the end. Edgeborough scored 4 ½ rounders in this innings.

The girls were extremely positive and competitive in their first game of the season. Their communication and their teamwork was very impressive and ensures an encouraging hope for the rest of the term.

Miss Stals

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